Tools of the trade

Triathletes are funny characters. Like other athletes, they all have their secret formulas, weapons of choice and a good, trusty steed to carry them through the second stage of the race. Here are mine:100_3069

The Cervelo, Sarah Lee.  She’s a hand me down from my mate, Marc, who bought a Felt. He named the Cervelo. She was by his side for his first two Ironman finishes and now she’s mine. I vow to treat her with the same respect that Marc gave her and hope that she will help me do my best. Update:  It’s 2016 and she’s still with me! I clean her regularly and bring her in for maintenance and check-ups at none other than Element Multisport in Edmonton. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Asics for the run. On Marc’s advice, I bought my first pair of Asics to train for my first 10k race. They’ve never failed 100_3070me. They are always a perfect fit. I switched to Mizunos in July of 2009 and loved them but they are hard to find on sale so I’m back to Asics. But I still love those as well.

Addidas for the bike. Bought these babies in 2009 when I first started racing triathlons…still got ’em!

Fuel Belt for long runs. I am a camel but really, it isn’t safe to go long distances without hydration. I have two Fuel Belts – one holds four bottles and one is a hand held. The actual belt stores my keys, Android, and two extra pouches for Carb Boom gels and salt tablets.Carb Boom and NUUN tablets

Gels and Electrolyte Tablets. After a lengthy hiatus from the shelves in Canada, I’m glad to say my “energy on the go” are back:  Carb Boom gels! I like the vanilla-orange the best – tastes like melted Creamsicle. But unfortunately we Canadians can’t get this flavor anymore. I also use NUUN tablets in my water bottle and CarboPro for extra fuel. But since 2012, I discovered SkratchLabs! After doing a lot of research on nutrition over the last 6 years, I have a lot of faith in the teachings of Alan Lim and Biju Thomas about “natural” nutrition for athletes. They have cookbooks for “portables” to take on the run or on the bike (their chocolate, coconut, peanut butter rice cakes are the best!) as well as great recipes for pre and post workouts. Their drink mixes are all natural and FINALLY available in Canada!! Right now there’s Lemons & Limes, Orange, and Raspberry as well as a yummy apple cinnamon mix that works great as a hot drink for cold days.

More to come!

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