Like many others, I find music helps me get through the times where I’m on a treadmill or running 3 hour runs by myself. I have an iPimagesod and although the mix gets changed regularly, there are some songs that I will never delete from my playlist. I’ll keep this updated as I remember them.

  1. HigherCreed:  This song came on my iPod when I was struggling through the last 10K of my first marathon. The pain from my IT band in both legs was unbearable and I started singing aloud along with Scott Stapp. It gave me the push I needed to limp to the finish and to this day, I consider it my theme song.
  2. Where the Streets Have No NameU2:  I always start my races with this song on my iPod. It gets me riled up at the gates. I’m a big fan of U2 and this song always makes me feel like I’m a little dog ready to race like mad across an open field.
  3. Everyone’s a WinnerHot Chocolate:  If all goes well, this should be playing as I cross the finish line – or close to it.
  4. Rock and Roll StarOasis:  This makes me picture myself running down rock star alley at the end of an IronMan race – a little creative visualization never hurts!
  5. It’s a Long Way to the Top if You Wanna Rock’nRollAC/DC:  Another song that just puts me in a good mood and for some reason, I look at this as a good IronMan theme song 🙂
  6. Keep Hope AliveCrystal Method:  Any tune by Crystal Method gets you into running or biking (or swimming once I get a swiMp3)
  7. Raise a Little HellTrooper: The title says it all. It’s usually located at a time where I should be in the middle of the last half of the race.
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