A little about me

I’m a 41 year old Canadian gal who is feeling alive for the first time in my life. I took up running in 2004 for weight control – even though I did not have a weight problem. But insecurity, depression, shyness, all deep rooted from times in my youth, left me with a poor body image, lack ofmauve-brick-wall-and-t-shirt2 direction and no sense of self.

In 2005, I met my partner, who was training for his first IronMan. With his support and encouragement, I started running races. Three years later, I had accomplished several 10k races, 10 milers, two half marathons and one marathon. I felt an incredible sense of accomplishement but I also noticed something else – I had to quit dieting and obsessing about my size and weight – learning to eat more in order to keep up my strength, endurance and health. I also had to change my sleep habits and give up on late nights and too much alcohol. It occurred to me that finishing a race or gaining a pr time had a secondary benefit – I was becoming healthier and happier with my life. I was on the way to finally accepting myself and that life did not control me – I controlled life.

Triathlon is a natural step for me. I was a swimmer before I became a runner. Both have now become second nature to me. I know how to bike – I just have to learn to overcome my fear of speed and falling! So I’ve set my sights on IronMan 2011. Yes, it’s two years from now but I feel that these two years will help me perfect my skills and overcome personal obstacles to finish under 17 hours. If training for a marathon had helped me shake a few monkeys off my back, think of what training for an IronMan would do!

In addition to my athletic pursuits, I am also a communications specialist for an ergonomic consulting firm and a freelance writer. I love sci-fi and horror films, travelling, camping, cooking, and dining out. I have an obsession with learning about science and different religions, other cultures and history. I love animals and am considering using my athletic purusuits as a means to do charitable fundraising for animal shelters and animal rescue. My dog, Sandy, is a little Jack Russle/Westie cross with a big heart and teaches me that life doesn’t always have to be so serious.

I know there are many others out there like me and I look forward  to meeting you on my journey.

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