Posted by: pursuingsub17 | May 22, 2013

What drives you to push the limits in training? My carrot is back…and I missed her dearly.

So it appears my nemesis is back.

This, my friends, is a good thing. It’s easy to download a training program and try to follow it as best possible, or even have a coach, but sometimes you need that extra push – that fire in your belly that drives you past the dreaded plateau – the one thing that quickly changes your mind from thinking it’s okay to miss a workout to “I better get my ass on that bike!” What motivates each of us to push the limits is always personal. In my case, the one thing that has been missing to give me that extra motivation to not just complete a workout, but crush it, is my Prima. Some of you may remember her. She’s been out of the picture for 4 years…until now.

I’ve always said things happen for a reason. Due to financial issues and crappy weather conditions, I opted not to sign up for the Run Wild race in St. Albert and instead, do the half marathon at the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon. I finally saved up enough to register two days before online registration closed. Scrolling through the registered list to not just confirm my name was on there but to see any familiar names, I found Prima’s. If I hadn’t been broke and our spring full of snow and cold, I wouldn’t have signed up for this race – and thus, would not have realized she was in the same race. Although it’s too bad I didn’t know that earlier, I still managed to call upon my inner viking for the 10km run workout immediately after registering and managed a 7 minute negative split without even feeling I was running hard.

Now this might sound like one of my pesky little demons affecting me but no – it is actually an accomplishment because I’m harnessing my emotions to make me more competitive – even if that means just beating my PB. I think it was Simon Whitfield who hung a sign with Javier Gomez’s name on it in his training room – if my memory is correct. Maybe it was two other triathletes but the idea is the same….sometimes you need that competitive spirit to kick it up a notch.

Therefore, as I go into my third week of training for my iron distance race at Challenge Penticton, I feel strong. I feel no regret for postponing my first season race (despite the fact that it is going to be wet and cool). I feel more ready. The past 4 years has made me stronger, smarter, faster. With my carrot dangling in front of me…or shall I say, running in front of me, I will most likely get a PB on Sunday.

So look out my dear – try not to wear anything too flashy on race day because, although I might not beat you… yet, if I spot you, I will have my eye on you, hunt you down, and you will hear my breath at your ear as you head toward the finish line.


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