Posted by: pursuingsub17 | May 14, 2013

Training season week 2 for Challenge Penticton

Well, I certainly have been a chatty cathy on here, haven’t I?

It’s been a tough 3.5 months. Marc’s renovations business just isn’t picking up speed for the first time in years. Usually he’s busy by now but he hasn’t been. So after a good discussion, we thought it was time to hang up the hammer. It’s been slow going for him but there are a couple really good prospects right now. He’s had a couple good interviews with a few strong, big companies here and after those tough 3 months, I’m starting to feel positive again. That’s why I haven’t been writing much. Counting every penny that goes in and out of your bank account is pretty stressful and it’s put a damper on the spirit of training. But I think there are clear skies ahead.

Timing couldn’t be better too. Just as my official 16 week training plan with Training Peaks kicked in last week, the weather has miraculously improved and I had enough money to at least pay for the plan. I finally have a structured workout schedule and so far, other than missing my swim workouts last week and one bike ride, I’ve stuck to it. The plan is a beginner Ironman triathlete plan developed by Gale Bernhardt. As I’ve been training for the Calgary half marathon and including bike workouts already, it was easy to get back up on the saddle. I’ve been a little lazy with the swimming but it’s not a huge concern for me. That’s my strength. But I will don the swim goggles and suit today for my first official swim training.

Speaking of plans, Marc and I also decided to just get this wedding ceremony done as well and what better place to do it than Penticton – right after our race! What a great way to celebrate. It was easy to plan too. I had the nuts and bolts all penned out in 6 hours on a Friday afternoon – right down to a triathlon themed wedding cake! LOL. Of course, it helps that the wedding is informal and small. We’re having it at the Penticton Ikeda Japanese Gardens just down the beach from the hub of the race activity. Not exactly a beach wedding but really, the Gardens are beautiful and I certainly don’t mind supporting them. This gives our close friends and family a chance to be at the race as well as the wedding too.

So nailing down a training plan that was a good fit for me and being occupied by wedding ideas has made the last depressing 3 months zip by. With Marc finding possible work in the next few weeks, he’ll be able to start joining me at the pool and actually wanting to go for a run. Tempting him with a bike ride hasn’t been hard. I think the both of us have come to really love that aspect of triathlon.

And the best part about the wedding is that the budget is all under five grand – probably looking more at 4 grand. The cake, dinner for our guests, the wedding officiant, wedding photographer, flowers and decorations, and a small after party back in Edmonton all fits a small budget. It’s been fun planning it and once a theme was picked, we just went with it. “Triathlon” – the sport that brought Marc and I together! LOL. We’ll have fun with it. I even found cowbells that we can customize for our guests to ring at the race AND the wedding. I’m such a nerd.

So, yes, things are looking up. I’ll be training and blogging more often. Big focus this year is learning about good nutrition! Hopefully I can dig up some good tips for everyone.

It’s great to be back!


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