Posted by: pursuingsub17 | January 29, 2013

ITU Grand Final in Edmonton, Alberta, 2014 – timing couldn’t be better.

So, it looks like it’s official – but my triathlete friends have all been talking about it for a few months. Edmonton will host the Grand Final in the ITU World Series in 2014. My boss said “as a group, we should volunteer for that and have the company give back to the community.” DAMN straights I’m volunteering. Only I’ll be volunteering as a massage therapist. I should have enough hours by then to be allowed to at least be a student volunteer. If they can recruit non-massage therapist trained individuals for giving athletes massages at Ironman Canada, I’m sure I could at least volunteer my services under an RMT at the ITU Grand Final.

Oh yes my friends – I WILL be going to school in September. I might have to cash in my RRSPs under our wonderful government’s “Life Long Learning Plan”, or take up pole dancing in my spare time (ahem), or…or promise Rumpelstiltskin my first born (good luck collecting though – I’m 45), but I am going back to school come Hell or high water… or however that saying goes. I found a great school finally that I feel I can trust for quality training and now with the Grand Final in 2014, I’ll have some great experience. Is this life finally easing up? Or is this destiny rising?

Bahahaha – destiny rising. Sounds like an action movie starring Jason Statham and Beyonce. WHAT??? That could happen. Oh wait, it did…kinda.

Well, aren’t I an odd duck today?

Anyway, at a time where I’m wondering how I’m going to pay my phone and power bill and I’m so exhausted lately that I’m getting headaches at work regularly and can barely stay up past 9:30, I feel like things are coming together. Goal setting and visualization really do work maybe. I said in two years I was going back to school. Ok, yes, I found out we actually have another year and a half left on one vehicle payment and two on the other rather than one being paid off by March but, I don’t give a rat’s hairy butt. Finding out about the government allowing cashing in on RRSPs and not getting taxed for 10 years unless you pay it back in that time gave me a little hope. Then, I find a great school that just opened up and there was no song and dance – just pure honesty. Now the ITU will be here in Edmonton at a time when I’m just graduating from year one. Excellent timing – almost…more than a coincidence…

Where is my training in all this? It’s been tough. I wake up every morning saying “this is it – doing a bike/run workout today with bike drills” followed by “‘cos this is all I have right now.” Then 5pm comes and I have a headache ripping from my neck, across my skull and into my eyes. My legs hurt. My hips hurt. I’m so tired that I can’t stay up past dinner. Well, each day is a battle I admit. But I try. I can’t afford a coach or to pay for a training program. But I did find a great 36 week Ironman training plan on I’m saving up for a Polar heart rate monitor and a zippy new race outfit for race day. I haven’t been able to register for any other races – but my heart is still set on the St. Albert Run Wild half marathon in May as my first race of the year – and I’ve already committed to Challenge Penticton. But for the first time, I’m looking beyond that big goal I set for myself. I shouldn’t. It was a goal I set before I even started this blog – but I can’t seem to get my head out of 2014.

I’m already struggling with wanting to read about anatomy and massage therapy techniques and having to get my workouts in. On top of that, the ever flowing stream of friends and family wanting Marc and I to come over frustrates the heck out of me. But I have to just say “school next year – this year is your big sub 17 goal”.

I’m sure my motivation will come back. I had a hard time last year and was ready to take the year off but then I started my program and got back into it. Maybe it’s just winter. I just want to hybernate. Or I need a holiday – somewhere different or somewhere isolated so I can be at peace and re-energize.

But I digress – exciting times ahead my friends. Tour of Alberta coming this fall (right when I go back to school as well) and with the Grand Final, maybe we little group of triathletes will start gaining respect on the bike training routes. Heads will turn – kids will look at us and say “Mommy, I want to be a triathlete.” And of course, massage therapy will be even in more demand. My evil plan is all panning out! Muuuaaahahahahahaha.


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