Posted by: pursuingsub17 | December 31, 2012

We are not so different, you and I

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile. I don’t know where the time has gone. Even my week off at Christmas flew by  and I don’t know how. I feel like I’m drowning sometimes. I barely keep my head above water at work but I don’t know if it’s because we are very busy or I just can’t tolerate the job anymore. I was getting easily agitated – and then too burned out to write or even workout. My weekends are booked up with parties and obligations to visit family and friends. I haven’t been keeping in shape like I did last year. It’s like I’m letting everything get to me…then I noticed 5 lbs gained on the scales!

So no more. I’m going to use my agitation to my advantage. I’ve been looking for the metaphorical “Prima” that pushed me to train harder back in 2009. This will be it. My aggravating job and my resolution to start saying no and feeling guilty less will keep me doing swim drills, doing hill work on the bike, and running long. I’m going to be 45 in three weeks. It’s about time I started focusing on me.

That being said, as 2012 comes to a close and we’ve all survived the so-called Mayan apocalypse, I look back on the year, pre-bitching season (also known as post race depression season), I realized that I did accomplish a lot in terms of racing and training. I had amazing short races – moving from the bottom of the pack to the upper 30-40%. I landed not only a PR in my half iron race but I also managed to shave off a half hour in my bike that day. I even finally learned what works best for me for pre-race nutrition and sleep. I learned a lot of lessons last season – all with positive results this time. So I’m done bitching and I am going to turn my inner bitch into a lean, mean, fighting machine to conquer my “pursuing sub 17” goal.

Now the reason I haven’t written in awhile is because I think I was whining too much. Yeah – my life sometimes sucks and sometimes I feel like I’m pulling a piano behind me or the treadmill is going in reverse and I’m not getting anywhere – but then I read posts from fellow runners and triathletes and they make me chuckle because I realize – we’re all the same. We have the same issues with “muffin top” and imagining zombies swimming up from the depths while swimming to grab you and pull you under. We are all frustrated with family obligations taking away from our personal time and an inability to say “no, I can’t make it to cousin Ed’s dog’s birthday”. We are all trying to find what nutrition works best with our own chemistry and we all feel like we’ve taken a step backwards when we are sick and can’t train. We all have aches and pains and set backs, be it financial or physical. We are all secretly dreaming of that day when we win the lottery and can walk into our boss’ office and say “Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to work here. I have learned much and feel that I have advanced in my career and everyone here has been supportive and wonderful to work with. However, I have the opportunity to now fulfill personal goals and thus, must give you my notice.”

Baahahaha!!! Yeah – that’s what we HAVE to say. You all know what you would REALLY like to say!

Where was I? Oh yeah. We all face the same adversity – battling demons who try and hold us back from that finish line. It doesn’t matter what country we come from, what our income levels are, what our family history is, or even age (to a certain degree). We’re all in this together. We’re all struggling with that annoying question from the boss, co-workers, family and friends…”Why do you do it?…and the most frustrating thing of all is that no matter what you say, they still don’t get it. Let’s face it – trying to get them to understand is futile so just get your gym bag and go workout and forget what they think or say.

Does that mean I’m done bitching? No. But when I do, I do it because I’m sharing what I’m going through because I know that someone out there is going through the same thing and it’s nice to see that you are not alone. It’s nice to hear that someone has a multitude of issues in their life and they are battling like hell to push through those problems by using any means possible. It’s great to find out how people manage and sacrifice to obtain their goals because, damn it, if “x” can do it and has the same problems as I, then I can do it. It does mean, however, that I will try and be less depressing and maybe share how I managed to say no to co-workers pressuring me to go for a beer after work instead of training. (“oh, come on – just for an hour – you can work out tomorrow.”).

Tomorrow, I will spend a couple hours finding a pre-season training program for January to April and then a full iron distance training program to get me motivated and focused. Next week I will finally nail down my anticipated 2013 race schedule. And I know all of you out there will be doing the same thing – and saying “no” to second helpings, decline a beer with the gang, determined to find time for yourself and your training. Just knowing we’re all in this together can give us the strength and courage we need.

See you at the finish!


  1. love it! That’s exactly how I have been feeling! I am putting the plan for a positive outlook into action this morning. Happy New Year and good luck in 2013!

    • Thanks and sorry it took so long to get back to you! My hectic life – no time for even blogging.

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    • I’ll keep it in mind when the money is good for travel!

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