Posted by: pursuingsub17 | July 20, 2012

Two days before the last race of the year

I can’t believe it’s here already. I feel like it was just a couple weeks ago that I had “heavy leg syndrome” and thought it would be best if I took a year off. How did July suddenly get here?

I’m glad I changed my mind. I feel ready to tackle my third half iron distance. This year, despite having a background in swimming first, I improved my swim by swimming more often and mastering the turn of the trunk to make myself more like an arrow and less like a big barge. My time might only improve by a few minutes but my efficiency is better. I’m not as tired. I also had more open water swim races so that fear of the open water isn’t there like last year (or the year before). I also biked more – my weakness – and found that balance between not enough calories consumed on the bike and way too much. I did more hill work and my bike handling skills are better.

So I will go into this race hoping to do better than the previous two years. I think I’ve learned from the errors made on the other two and had some leaps forward in technique and confidence. I’m also racing a half iron triathlon for the first time WITH Marc. Although he will definitely be faster because of his experience, I will get a pick me up as we pass each other on the run loops.

Here is my list of things I promise myself I will and will not do on Sunday:

  1. I will go to bed early and get more than 5 hours sleep.
  2. I will not eat oatmeal for breakfast on race day (see my Calgary 70.3 race report)
  3. I will make sure I have two tire tubes and not over-inflate my tires – thus causing explosions and mass panic.
  4. I will put on suntan lotion before the race.
  5. I will not eavesdrop on “last minute advice” conversations from other triathletes.
  6. I will not find a spot at the back of the pack for the swim start because I think I’m not as good of a swimmer than I really am. No more fighting to get away from those who can’t swim, sight, and are shouting for help.
  7. I will not think that my wetsuit is suddenly shrinking and trying to choke me.
  8. I will not believe that the undead are going to float up from the watery depths and yank me down.
  9. I will not think that the buoy is so far away that I’ll never get there.
  10. I will not lollipop in T1, deciding if I should or should not wear socks or bike gloves. That decision WILL be made in advance of the swim start. No more 10 minute swim to bike transitions.
  11. I will set my watch to remind me when to eat and drink on the bike.
  12. I will not start crying on the bike on the last climb toward the finish because I’m hot and tired and my butt hurts and the semi trucks are blowing exhaust and dust all over me.
  13. I will remember, if I start blubbering like a baby, Johnny Hoogeland – who got back on his bike, shredded skin and all and finished stage 9 after crashing into a barbed wire fence.
  14. I will remember when I think I’m getting dropped off the back that Sorensen, the little Danish Engine that Could, never gave up. Neither should I.
  15. I will not say “it’s okay to walk”. It is not okay to walk. It is not okay to just finish in time. It is not okay to quit.
  16. I will do a little dance for the crowd at the finisher’s chute if I feel like it – cos I am one to entertain!

That’s it. This is my last blog before Sunday. Then I will write a stellar race report and finally have time to clean my condo. I will start looking at Ironman training plans and save up that last couple hundred bucks to sign up for Ironmman Canada next year. I will then start saving for a new wetsuit that will make me look like Batman. I’ll enjoy nachos and beer with my friends without saying “nope – gotta train.” Then it will start all over again in the fall!


  1. Looking like Batman in the wetsuit is my favorite too!!

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