Posted by: pursuingsub17 | July 18, 2012

Checking out Ironman advice and training plans a week before a race

Three words – don’t do it.

I’m at work – half asleep from boredom and the fact a thunderstorm kept me up last night. With not much to do, I googled “how long does it take to train for an ironman” and oodles of pages popped up from, and various other highly recommended sites. As I perused the blogs and clicked on “sample plans”, I felt a shot of anxiety course through my veins.

“What? OMG – I didn’t do that.” or “I did that and this says not to.” There’s no time to correct mistakes I’ve made training for my half ironman – which is this Sunday coming up. Suddenly I wish I could turn back time. I regret all the “I missed a bike workout so I’ll add it on to my swim workout on Friday.” All the advice says I shouldn’t have done that.

What have I done???

Great. I had been feeling “ready” for this race for two weeks now. Yes, I missed some workouts but I did see improvements on my bike and swim. I reviewed the amount of time I spent training on the bike compared to last year – and I did do more bike training this year. My swim training stayed the same. My run training was down a bit but only for the period of time I was training for a triathlon. I did a considerable amount of running from January to May for the half marathon. But – uh oh, I may have missed some brick workouts – opting just for the bike due to time constraints or that I was tired. Crap. “I’ve failed.”

But as my step-dad has said many times, “you can’t spend your life looking in the rear view mirror or you’ll hit something in front of you.” Very applicable here.

So I shake my head, trying to get that little imp of a demon out that says “you haven’t done enough.” He wasn’t in there until today – and I refuse to let it get to me. I was happy with where I was at until today. I will look at those plans come the fall after I’ve signed up for Ironman Canada. THEN I will promise myself no diversions next year. No “I’m tired today – I’ll stack up my training on Thursday.” I’ll read the advice blogs from all the pros AFTER my race on Sunday and after I’ve had time to reflect on that race and what I can improve on even more.

So take my advice – DO NOT read training advice or review new and exciting plans a week before your race. Put away that brand new Triathlete magazine and save it for after the race. Don’t ask others their opinion. Don’t even think about the race other than reviewing your transition bag and race course maps. Do take a deep breath, say “I trained well and I will finish or do my damn’dest to get that PR!”

Meantime, I have a little spin bike session for a half hour tonight – swim tomorrow and then pack for Sylvan Lake. Yowsers – race day already? Seems like last week I was even pondering whether I wanted to race this year – but that’s another topic for another blog!

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