Posted by: pursuingsub17 | July 5, 2012

Lake Summerside olympic distance triathlon a success

Well, race three down and one more to go. Did I mention I finally signed up for the Sylvan Lake half iron? Like there was any doubt? Ha ha. My training has been going well so I did it. Marc just signed up today so this is our first half iron distance race together. He’s done 3 or 4 I think – along with 4 ironman races and this is my third half iron but first time we’ve done that distance together.

Anyway, back to my most recent race. First off – olympic distance triathletes are a whole different breed! Yowsa, those guys (and gals) are fast. I got a personal best of 3:18 and I was still last in my age group! I was also at the bottom 25% but really, my times for all three sports were all great so I have to say that this time, where I placed doesn’t matter.

I’ve never done that distance before – so I thought it would be a piece of cake. Hell, I’ve done well at the sprint distance and I knew I could do a half iron so this distance wasn’t bothering me. I won’t ever assume that again! I was faster than normal on the swim – doing the first lap in just over 15 minutes (faster than my pool swims!). I finished in 32 minutes…so I thought I rocked…until I realized there were very few behind me! LOL. My transition was THE BEST EVER!! I was so proud of myself – ahem ahem. I got out of my own wetsuit (no wetsuit strippers) and stayed focused – sticking to my plan of no socks or gloves – and I was out of transition and on my bike in 4 minutes. FOUR minutes! Yee Haw! Most of my T1 times after an open water swim are at least 7 minutes – even with wetsuit strippers. No lessons that nee

Bike was brutal – but it couldn’t be helped. The wind was relentless. It seemed like it was coming in all directions and I felt like I was going uphill 3/4 of the way. But everyone else said the same thing. I drank fluids and popped Endurolytes (salt pills) when due – and always when I felt “downhill” on the bike. Only mishap was losing a gel on the last loop. I only had one pack of Stinger candies for 160 calories and one Carb Boom gel. Mental note: Always pack more gels than what you need in case you lose any! That was a first for me.

T2 was also executed superbly! I was out on the run in 2 minutes. It took me about 2.5 km to get into the motion of running but oddly enough, I didn’t have a bad “rubber legs” feeling. I was huffing and puffing a lot though and the temps went up. I’m not good in hot weather – so when they told me they didn’t have water at the 2.5km mark, I thought I was done for. I kept my pace behind a woman about my age and she said “no water? that’s not good.” Thankfully, they got several refils from a local resident! So they were fully stocked by the time I came around the pond to go on my second out of four loops.

I was overheating but I followed my stragegy of not drinking way too much water (to prevent sloshy gut) and I remembered my salt pills. Thankfully I also had two gels with my run stuff so I didn’t bonk.

So it was a good race in terms of personal accomplishments. I even won a ladies Specialized bike jacket as a door prize! The best part was that my family was there cheering me on….including my mother of all people! She was there when I got out of the water and stuck it out all 3 hours and 18 minutes. She was fascinated. Thankfully Marc was there to explain things that were going on. My cousin and her hubby were there too – as they usually are when they can make it. And Marc’s son, Trev was there too. He’s also going to be a spectator at the Sylvan Lake half iron and Marc’s ironman in Penticton.

He’s taken a fascinated interest – I’m thinking he might be pursuaded to join the dark side! Muuuaaaahahahaaha!!!

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