Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 14, 2012

Leap of faith at the cliff’s edge – signing up for Ironman Canada 2013.

It’s funny how a person walks a long road and suddenly finds themselves at the edge of a precipice, and he or she just jumps, without really wondering why or what it was that made them do it. They just do it….because it’s there and it seemed the logical thing to do.

What makes a person ready for something? What is it that makes one realize that they’re ready to take the plunge? Do they even ask if they’re ready or do they just do it regardless? Is it years of pondering and practice? Is it the words of a stranger that triggers a decision or some seemingly unrelated event speaking out to them through the subconscious mind (ie: a song on the radio seems to be about making that same decision)?

I can sit here and think why on a Thursday afternoon at work I suddenly came to the conclusion that, yes, I am signing up for an Ironman triathlon next year. I didn’t spend the last few hours thinking about all my training (or lack thereof sometimes), my race experience, or the elusive magical formula of nutrition that I’m still working on…or what my boss and family might think because I suddenly do not care. It’s not out of spite that I don’t care. I just simply don’t. It’s not even in my mind.

I didn’t say to myself – like I did last year – “I’ll make that decision depending on how well my half iron race goes this year. Then I’ll know if I’m ready or not.” I said that before – but not today. Because today, one more half iron race doesn’t matter.

At 12:48 pm on a quiet Thursday afternoon at work, sitting at my desk, I arrived at my personal precipice – my “razor’s edge” and said to myself, “I’m jumping.” There was no question if I was ready or am I being silly or imagining the reaction and consequences. It was just a logical matter of fact in the moment. I’m signing up for Ironman Canada 2013 – just like, “I am going to work today.” or “I’m going to brush my teeth after having breakfast.”

I think that surprises me more than anything. I’m not worried or nervous – or wondering if this is just plum crazy. It isn’t. Here’s the funny part. It’s like it has already happened – it’s fate – so why think about it? In my future, I’ve already done it so mulling over whether or not I should sign up is illogical. I’m sure I’ll have those moments again in my life where I spend hours wondering whether I should do something or not but in this very moment, I understand Nietzsche’s concept of Eternal Recurrence. If it’s already happened, why drive yourself nuts trying to make a decision? The decision has already been made. It’s already happened so just fill out the form, already.

No need to get into the metaphysical – I have another blog about that crazy side of me. But let’s state the facts. After writing in this blog for – what – 3 years now? My pursuit has become real. I am simply going to wait until tomorrow morning when they post volunteer opportunities for Ironman Canada to find a suitable position, sign up, board a plane on August 24th to Penticton (which was already booked 2 months ago), execute my volunteer duties on August 26th, 2012, watch Marc finish his race, wake up August 27th and slap down $700 in cold hard cash in the late morning and sign up for my first Ironman triathlon.

But back to my original question – what is it that makes one arrive at that decision? Marc said he was watching Ironman Kona on TV many years ago, butted out his last cigarette and stated he was going to do an Ironman race, much to the astonishment of his younger brother. He didn’t feel the need to explain why and he hadn’t been dreaming about it since he was a child – he just stated it as a fact. I thought about it – trained for shorter distances for 3 years – thought about it some more – and then, today, suddenly quit thinking if I was or wasn’t. I simply was. Why? Because I took the road not taken and it came to an edge – and I have to jump off it because it’s there and that’s why I took that road.

So what made you decide you were going to do an iron distance race? Or a sprint triathlon? Or a marathon? Or a 10km race? Did you think about it for some time? Were you always a swimmer/biker/runner? Did your parents encourage you to do triathlon since you were a kid or did you decide recently at 30/40/50 years of age that you want to do one? Why? Have you thought about it for years or did it just come to you over dinner or while driving to work?

This might be my new side project. In the meantime, I have to figure out how to save $700 before August 27th.



  1. WOOHOO Girl! Good for you! And I totally get what you’re saying…exactly how I feel about relocating. Even though I haven’t ‘jumped’ off the cliff I’m running towards it at breakneck speed…instead of ‘half a snail pace.’ Because in my future, I’m already there 🙂

    You’re a ROCKSTAR!! Can’t wait to follow you on this journey for the next year… Hopefully, I won’t be unemployed and homeless living in a box on the strip in Vegas. Or worse having to make my money pole dancing. Thank heavens I took that one class…LOL!! We can do this. We WILL do this!! Rock on sister!
    – Heather

    • Ya! Just remember Yoda’s advice…”do not think, just do.” If you move there, let me know. I have a cousin who has lived there for years. She’s done the big half marathon there in December a few times.

      Pole dancing – thought of that one too! Like my step-dad once said, when you want something bad enough, you’ll find ways to get it.

  2. That’s incredible! If you have the goal and you have the motivation you will absolutely smash it!

    • Thanks Lucy :). I think the same way. You want it, it only seems logical that you get it! Unlike the Rolling Stones song I guess. LOL.

  3. I love your comment above- “suddenly quit thinking if I was or wasn’t. I simply was.” So right on. I used to think more, hem and haw, and not move on. Now I find it an annoying quality in others. It may sound a little intolerant, but I appreciate your boldness. Proud of you and it’s inspirational!

    • Yes – I just thought it was silly that I was waiting to see how I would do at just one more half iron first. Every race is different – regardless of the distance. If I put the time in to train, I can do it. Simple as that!

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