Posted by: pursuingsub17 | May 19, 2012

Help me raise funds for Ronald MacDonald House – Lake Summerside Triathlon

Well, I signed up for race two. So far, my commitment to training has been somewhat successful. I say somewhat because I’ve had some moments where work has just left me completely drained. But this week has been stellar – and I remember why I took up this sport. It’s saving me from boredom and giving me a sense of purpose. Okay – I might not get a PR but if I force myself to just get on the bike or go for a swim, I feel fantastic after. That’s the key right now. When “I just don’t feel like it” sounds in my head, I ask myself if it’s because I’m really physically tired (from being sick or maybe a hard training effort the day before) or if I’m just being lazy. Then I tell myself – just go for a half hour – and not even hard. Just do something. So I go and next thing you know, I’m running 9:30 minute miles or biking for an hour and a half.

I also remind myself of my parents – who are retired and becoming housebound. They never go out anymore. They don’t have any friendships outside of Marc and myself and the occasional visitor. My step-dad is wallowing in self pity – my mom does not seem to want to go out and at least join an aquafit class. She’s 66 years old. I see 80 year olds out at the gym making friends. I told myself this weekend, I refuse to do that and I see that this sport has also prevented me from falling into a vast, dark pit of loneliness, depression and lack of purpose. Well, really, lack of purpose is usually what sends people into that personal little Hell. I know. I spent the majority of my 30s there. I graduated from college, got a better paying job, and then spent every weekend partying because…what else was there left?

There is a lot left. I will not be like my parents – staring out at the trees in misery and alienating myself from people.

So once again, this sport has saved me – it has given me sense of purpose – be it just finishing a half iron race or getting a pr or to give back by volunteering at a race or using a race to help a good cause.

Anyway, back to where I started with this blog – signed up for Lake Summerside Triathlon – olympic distance. I discovered it is a fundraiser for Ronald MacDonald House so I decided to try and raise some donations to help out a good cause. If anyone wants to donate, you can go to the donation page and enter Lorel in the search.

I know times are tough – so if you can’t, that’s okay too. My point today was just to thank this sport for giving me purpose – and if you feel the same way, there’s ways to give back. Volunteer or utilize your triathlon race to raise money for a cause that’s close to your heart.

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