Posted by: pursuingsub17 | April 26, 2012

The little engine that could woke up and told me I can do a half iron race again.

I’m not sure how it happened. Two weeks ago I wound up getting really sick – I remembered that was the start of what should have been my 16 week half ironman training plan. So I did nothing that week in order to recover. Afterall, it wasn’t just a head cold. I had a horrendous cough as well. If you’re sick with a chest cold, don’t work out.

By that Sunday, I felt better so I did my 20km run – last long one before the race May 4th. On the Monday I looked at my half ironman plan. Part of me felt, why bother? I wasn’t doing one this year. Why am I even looking at it?

But that reminded me – I had to double-check the date of the Sylvan Lake half ironman because I wanted to book a hotel room for Marc and I since he most likely would be doing that one. Then I see that they have added another shorter distance race – looks close to olympic distance. “I could do that!” said the little engine that could inside my head. I have to say, that sort of lifted my spirits. I could race Sylvan Lake along with Marc but just do about half the distance. I’ve done a half ironman. I KNOW I can do an olympic distance.

I then shut off my computer and bounded happily into my car, still with a bit of a hack, and drove off to the gym for a bike/run brick workout. But when I got there, I decided to have another look at my half iron training plan from last year. Heck – I could still see if I was up for doing that plan – and if I couldn’t do all the workouts or only do half the distance/time recommended, that’s okay. I’ll be prepared for two Olympic distance races this year.

I’m still trying to decide if that’s what kicked my negative side in the pants. I’m not sure. Or maybe I just like training for a triathlon more than just running. Maybe it’s because it’s an early spring and the weather isn’t bad here – snow is pretty much gone (although we do get the odd little storm and it melts right away) – so I managed some bike rides outside already. Maybe that’s it because it takes less of a mental effort to get geared up to bike ride (ha ha – I made a pun). All I know is that I’m out of my mental slump – and we all know that these long distant races are half physical, half mental. If the mental will isn’t there, the legs can’t be convinced to keep going.

Last year was hell – maybe I stuck to my training plan because I didn’t want to go home to a half renovated condo. Going to the gym was my only alternative. The year before I had something to prove to myself – that I could even do a half ironman. In 2009, I had to prove to Marc, myself and everyone else that I could train on my own for a marathon and shave off an hour – and I did it. This year I have….hmmm…nothing to motivate me. So where it came from, I don’t know but I don’t want to question it either. Just happy it came back.

I’m not going to sign up for the half iron distance just yet – but I have to say I’ve pretty much stuck to my training plan the last couple weeks. Time will tell. We’ll see what the next two months bring. That will be the deciding factor. And, Hell, I can always do the shorter race if things don’t go well. (as a side note, I HAVE to get swimming again – been too lazy on that end).

Work is still hell and getting worse. My patience is wearing thin here but instead of anger and frustration, I have small outbursts of rage and mostly apathy is setting in. But it isn’t ruining my will to train so that’s what counts. Besides, what used to be the “two-year plan” is now a year and a half – then I can start courses to be an RMT.

So that’s it – no magical formula or secret to muster up motivation. I don’t know the answer. I just hope that the little engine that could doesn’t give up on me!



  1. Just keep going! Hopefully this can be a place that you will find support from others and we can motivate each other!!! Your goal inspires me to think big and keep going!

    • Thanks! Enjoying your blog as well :).

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