Posted by: pursuingsub17 | October 27, 2011

Finally into off season training after dealing with life events

I’ve been so drained, I couldn’t find the energy to even blog. I’ve been somewhat keeping up with my tweets but even that’s been difficult. Life has been crazy. The entire month of September was devoted to my cousin’s wedding and my grandmother’s two falls – one that landed her in the hospital for a week before the wedding. There was a stagette, a stag (Marc went with the boys to Banff), Grandmother’s second fall during the stag and cousin and family had to deal with that, the wedding, Grandmother’s third fall the evening of the wedding that led to a broken hip, keeping it a secret from the cousin who went on her holiday, my mother becoming ill, me ending up almost in the loony bin and taking a leave to spend time recouping in the mountains (where I worked out every day and managed to develop the plot outline for my book), Grandmother has a major stroke after her hip operation and slowly deteriorates, I make it back in time before she passes away….then comes the real crap. It’s amazing how the death of a grandparent brings out the worst in some family members. I won’t go into detail but let’s just say one of the uncles is a selfish pig. He’s been causing my mom and the other brother so much stress that my mom had a breakdown and had to get away herself for 5 days south of the border for a little retreat.

The dust has settled somewhat. Mom is feeling a little better physically but she goes in for tests on Friday. I don’t speak to the other uncle. The cousins on that side are MIA. Well, thanks to Facebook, I keep in touch with them but one of them is out of the country and the other keeps busy with working and her friends. It’s just been a horrible year. The flood in my condo, financial upsets (I finally had to apply for a consolidated debt loan as an option before bankruptcy). I’ve even questioned my relationship with Marc at times. I started feeling second fiddle in his life and really wondered if I’m really important to him…does he even love me?? I don’t know whether it’s stress or the two of us have too many other obligations but financial problems and all the crap that’s been going on has put a strain on us. However, the good news is that we’ve been working on it and the last couple of weeks have been very good. Both Marc and I are sacrificing types (see my “demon” list). But it reached a point where we were not only sacrificing our own time but the time we need to spend for each other. Really, we’re a unit. We need to look after ourselves first, then each other AND THEN everyone else but it’s been just everyone else lately.

Anyway, blah blah blah….I’m back into off-season training and my commitments to getting more power in the legs and strength in the arms and core. I’ve been thinking about what races I want to do next year – one of them, in May, is a marathon. I haven’t run a marathon in 2.5 years…it’ll be 3 by next Spring. I’m definitely doing Calgary 70.3 again. I just didn’t like Sylvan Lake. The swim was okay – nice lake – but almost too warm and too long. The bike was ugly. It wasn’t as pretty as Calgary. The run was awful. Out and back 4 times to equal a half marathon and all flat. Ick. I know they had weather problems that affected the swim and run but the bike bored the pi– out of me.

Hmm… just realized I didn’t write a race report. I’ll do that in my next blog – hopefully this week still. But really, in the end, the sudden change of weather from cold for months to extreme heat the day of the race kicked me in the pants. Next year I’m getting more sleep the night before the race and I’m going to really concentrate on my race day nutrition needs. Honest to Betsy, I need more calories and I just have to realize that….and salt pills if it’s smoking hot. I just wasn’t prepared. So I guess that’s the other thing: Be prepared for anything! That’s definitely one thing I’ve learned the last two half ironman races I’ve done. Be prepared for anything.

But I digress. I’m back in the saddle again. This “off-season training”, I’m back in to weights and my focus is bike, bike, bike. I’ve been strength/weight training twice a week for two weeks now. Next week, I’m adding more cardio (and I’ve been doing core work every second day). As for putting “me” back in my life, it’s been hard. I’m still getting guilt feelings and trying to please everyone when they want to see me. But I have to start saying no. Too late for this Friday – already felt sorry for my cousin who, I think, is starting to come down from the wedding and then finding out about our grandmother. So we’re having horror movie night with snacks and wine…Saturday, I have to visit my parents because I haven’t seen them in two months. At the same time, we’ve been invited to a stag/stagette party for one of Marc’s friends, who is getting married in two weeks. He wants to go – and see my parents – and watch UFC 137. See? He’s just as bad as me. Something’s gotta give.

I’m hoping after this weekend, which will signify the end of a steady stream of commitments to others, I will have two months to just focus on what I want, get my first chapter of my book started, and focus on getting physically stronger.

Wish me luck.

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