Posted by: pursuingsub17 | March 17, 2011

Sick on recovery week – but I’ve had a breakthrough on the run!

Oh for the love of Pete. Yeesh. This year has been bad for colds and flu for a lot of people. I’m usually pretty healthy and can go through a winter with either one cold or none. This year has been two in two months. Worst part, I’ve really got into my training. Partly because I don’t want to go home to a partly demolished condo but, hey, what works, works.

Fortunately, I’m on recovery week. I just had some toned down workouts but I really hate having to miss them now. What’s been great is that Marc’s been really good at helping me improve my swim stroke. I actually look forward going to the pool and doing drills. How many people can say that?? I’ve also been on the bike a lot and even managed 1 hour and 45 minutes on a windtrainer without being bored out of my mind.

Best part – my run has improved dramatically. For the life of me, I don’t know how. Last year, one of our triathlete friends said to a newbie that improving bike technique and just spending time on the bike will improve the run. Maybe this is true, oui? It’s weird though. I went from struggling with 10 minute miles last year to suddenly running 9 to 9:30 minute miles on my easy runs. My speed work is up to 8:30 minute miles. I have no idea why. Is this what they call a breakthrough? I think that’s the term. I plateaued for 2 years and then, pop! Just like that. I hear about this strange phenomenon but this is the first time I’ve experienced it. First time I thought it was a fluke – but it’s been consistent over the last 4 weeks.

I guess that’s the key – persistence. Be patient – train – and even if things seem like they’re not working, keep going. Eventually you’ll experience “the breakthrough”.

I just hope being sick for a few days won’t throw me off. I doubt it. But I will obey my body and take a break. Might just sit in the hot tub tonight at the pool. It’s snowing again today. Air is warmer but damp. That, coupled with fighting off another chest cold makes me chilled to the bone. I can’t seem to warm up!

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell for now. Can’t believe it’s March already. Race season is rapidly approaching. Last year at this time I was sick of training. This year, it’s the one thing I look forward to :). I feel in fine form – if I can just make it to the end of flu season!!

STill haven’t managed to figure out how to fit in strenghth training – but according to this plan I copied from Triathlete magazine, just 15-20 miutes of strength training twice a week (after a short run) is enough for those not looking to earn money doing this sport. đŸ˜€

Now if I can focus on improving my nutrition…



  1. Sometimes the rest does wonders, whether it is caused from sickness or taking a break. Glad to hear about the improvements on the run!


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