Posted by: pursuingsub17 | March 10, 2011

Triathlon training has become my only outlet for stress

Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that I either have to move to a small town where I can afford to live, ask for a $10 G raise (which won’t happen) or quit my job and find another that pays more.

We’ve contemplated moving to a beautiful little town in the mountains. I’ve always wanted to return to living in a small town – just not where I grew up! But this little town is what I’ve always envisioned and it’s very outdoorsy and athlete friendly. The town is Kimberley, BC. It was once a mining town but since the mine shut down, they’ve focused on tourism. Right now property is cheap and it’s a good investment. The place is already becoming popular with downhill skiers and snowboarders – particularly this year. It’s also well-known for its Nordic cross-country skiing. During the summer, there is a paved running/biking trail through the mountains along the old railway, golf courses everywhere, hot springs close by, river rafting, and lakes. I saw deer along the running path last summer and this winter, two little deer were eating the snow in front of someone’s back yard. Truly heaven – well, for me anyway. Perfect for an amateur athlete as well.

Back to reality – I’ve given myself 2 years and I’m out of here and moving to Kimberley. Then, yesterday, when I was contemplating bankruptcy, a job opportunity popped up. I’d be making the 10G more that I want. But knowing I’m leaving in 2 years would make me feel guilty. Marc thinks I should take it, live here another three years to pay off debt and save money and then semi retire in Kimberley.

So much on my mind now. I’m the Maid of Honor for my cousin’s wedding. I’m broke. I’m underpaid. I’m overworked and underappreciated. I’m living in a condo that’s half demolished because of a flood 3 weeks ago and the insurance company is dragging its heels getting it fixed. With all of this, you would think my heart wouldn’t be into training. But I have been – more so than last year. Right now it’s all I have. Last year it was a drag. This year, it’s what’s keeping me from going insane. I hate going home after work to my dingy, half demolished condo that I can’t even afford to live in so I go to the gym and it lifts my spirits. Sometimes I’m there for 2-3 hours doing biking, running and core work. Or I’m swimming 45 minutes to an hour at least twice a week now! Last year I was lucky if I went swimming once a week.

What really gets me is that 5 years ago, it would just be another excuse to drink.

So once again, I owe triathlon for pulling me out of a dark hole. Each time I’m at the gym, I think about how much I owe to the sport and that I need to “immortalize” that in my next tattoo. I might be dead now if it wasn’t for training. Right now, it’s all I have – and what a healthy alternative to deal with my stress at that!

Last year I asked, “why am I doing this?” This year I have the answer. I’m doing it for myself – my physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


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