Posted by: pursuingsub17 | January 12, 2011

Need motivation? Try being sick for two weeks.

I’m having deja vu. I’ve been pretty good at keeping in shape over the winter – even during the Christmas holidays. I’ve been working out 3-4 times a week, not following a set schedule, but at least getting in a run, bike or half hour on the elliptical trainer. Then last week, I started getting that dreaded scratchy throat. Oh no. Yup – wound up losing my voice last weekend, by Monday I had a sinus infection and now I have a horrid dry cough. So unfortunately, now that it is in my chest, I have to put off any kind of training until I get better.

Now you might be thinking – but it’s only January – lots of time. The thing is, I made a promise to myself I was going to train harder this year – show more discipline – and make sure that January and February was going to be the months I really got back into my strength training. Not so. Not so says the universe. “you stay down!” it said. Maybe it’s telling me I need the rest – physically and mentally. Okay. I’ll listen – but I think two weeks of doing nothing is good enough. Hell! I bought myself a new iPod shuffle for Christmas!! Or maybe it’s because I haven’t bought my new Mizunos yet – the universe doesn’t want me to start training with old, worn out runners. Or maybe the universe wants me to REALLY want to train – and what better way than to tell me I can’t for two weeks.

Last night I came home hacking and talking like my vocal cords were about to snap, and what do I see? Marc is on his windtrainer. Well, if that wasn’t a kick in the pants. Actually, I’m really glad to see him on there again after two years. I think he’s finally feeling motivated again. Then I pictured myself setting up my bike next to him – and we’re peddling and watching Ironman Kona 2010, and shifting gears, and…oh, wait, yeah, I’M SICK!!! Doh!

So now I’m really committed to wanting to do well this year. I feel like a caged dog. I need to get on that bike! I need to swim laps (even got a pool lap counter for Christmas), I need to do strength training. I need to get better. I need to eat better, drink more water and get more sleep. Being sick has made me realize I fell off the wagon over Christmas. Yes, I worked out but I was getting by on little sleep, socializing and drinking too much, eating too much crap. Now I’m paying for it. Now I’m seeing what I need to do.

Full steam ahead – thanks Universe. Thanks for the yukky flem-infested lungs and sore throat to make me want this even more. Look out 2011. I’m going to kick butt and make way for sub 17 in 2012!!!


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