Posted by: pursuingsub17 | December 16, 2010

Mind is now in training mode

Well, I’m glad I held off as long as I did. I had a breakthrough the past 5 days. I guess I should say more of a mental breakthrough. I actually sat on the windtrainer this past weekend for 40 minutes and felt I could go longer. I didn’t just pedal either – I followed one of Coach Mark’s old routines. 5 minutes spin at 95 RPM, then three sets of: 3 mins spin, 1 minute each of R and L single leg spins, 1 minute stand at about 55 RPM, sit in aero position for 4 minutes spin at 95 RPM and repeat. Then I finished with 5 minutes of easy spin on an easy gear.

I actually followed a routine meant to improve myself. Huh! How ’bout that?

I took two days off and then got up at 5:30 am to do another  bike that included a warm up, 3 sets of 9:30 spin sitting, 30 seconds at 130 rpm and then 2 minutes standing, followed by a minute of easy spinning. Today I ran on the dreaded treadmill – again at 5:30 in the morning – and it felt good. Wasn’t super speedy but I had a comfortable pace. Did just under 3 miles in 32 minutes.

My head is more in training mode now. I’m thinking more about my races and what I want to accomplish. I’m a little anxious over the fact that I haven’t been doing the strength training and plyometrics that I was doing last year at this time but it isn’t too late to start. I’m also already focusing on what I need to do to improve my swim time.

Hopefully I can just plow through Christmas season (ha ha – no pun intended) keeping up the workouts to stay in shape, use January to increase my core workouts and strength training, and start training in February. I’ll probably use the program again – but I’ve been getting pointers on improving pedal stroke, etc. from triathlete magazines and triathlon websites. Still debating on whether or not I’ll join a spin class – but I’ll definitely look at master swim classes.

So I am glad I took a few months off of actual “training mode”. There’s a little voice inside my head that keeps telling me “the triathlete magazines said you were supposed to use off training season to join master swim and do strength training – you are going to fail.” I have to ignore that voice. Too late to look back but I can look forward.

I’ve determined my race schedule too – a half marathon in mid May, olympic distance triathlon with an open water swim third week of June and my A race is Sylvan Lake third week of July. After that I’m not sure. I feel like I’m repeating myself…did I blog about this already? Oh well, doesn’t hurt to repeat yourself :).

I’ve decided I’ve finally earned that triathlon tattoo as well – my badge of honor. I may not have done an ironman race yet but triathlon has definitely helped me inch a little more forward in my battle with some very bad habits. I owe my mental and physical state to pursuing this sport. So everytime I look at that tattoo, it will remind me of where I was, how far I’ve come, and where I’m going. The goal is sometime in January after my 43rd birthday. Haven’t quite yet decided on the actual design but it will incorporate the symbols of swim, bike and run.

That’s it for now – I have some races to sign up for and some Christmas shopping to do :). Happy training and/or goal setting for 2011.

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