Posted by: pursuingsub17 | December 7, 2010

Picked a great time for a gym membership

Of course – what was I thinking? Signing up for a gym membership right around Christmas and now with Marc not being able to find a lot of construction work. He couldn’t pay our insurance so they cancelled it. Of course without me knowing. I know I can be a crazy Viking when I’m angry but if I had have known earlier, I could have found a way to pay it. So now we’re scrambling to pay off the debt of $1000 so we can have our insurance back.

Okay – Marc was trying to be the man and look after it himself but got in over his head when suddenly work dried up for the season. Unfortunately, Allstate (and I feel no shame in posting who our  lovely insurance company is who claims “you’re in good hands with”) is refusing to cover us despite spotless driving records – even if we do pay off what was owed. Overdue by a month. We explained our situation and said that they will be paid this week but, alas, they don’t care. Despite the fact that we actually are going to pay the outstanding bill, they will never let us get insurance with them again. This is not the first time I’ve heard Allstate do this – they did it to my boss’ 75 year old mother. So folks, there you go. Allstate cares – but only if you have a 6 figure income. If you are anywhere below the line that says “upper class”, forget it. They don’t want your business.

Luckily, there is a small local insurance broker who understands our predicament and is going to cover us – as long as we get our debt cleared with Allstate first.

Anyway, enough griping – Christmas is coming, we have a hotel booked in Banff for New Years and bought tickets to an event at a local pub that wasnt too expensive, friends are wanting to go out for dinner for Christmas get togethers – and I decide now is a good time to get a gym membership. The YMCA tried to talk me into a “Membership Plus” for double the price. I don’t think so. I bought the regular membership – only difference being is that the “Plus” has a private steam shower and hot tub. Whoop-di do.

I guess I can’t complain – if it’s just a gym membership that I’m whining about. There are a lot of Canadians living on the street in dangerously cold temperatures. Santa’s Anonymous just posted that they’ve run out of kids’ gifts to wrap. Sad times right now. Employment is up .5% – but no one is talking about how many people are taking 2 or 3 part time jobs because there’s nothing full time.

It’s just tough times right now – and hard to pick up the spirits so hopefully this humbling experience will make Marc and I appreciate just being with friends and family and each other than Christmas gifts!



  1. Good heavens Girl! Hang in there. This too shall pass…perhaps slowly and painfully like a kidney stone but it will pass… 😉 I try to think of the kidney stones of life as stepping stones to a better place. Sometimes that helps…sometimes it just annoys me…LOL!

    But good for you for the gym membership. I look at my dues every month and think do I really need to spend this money? The answer: YES! While it may be considered a ‘luxury’ by some if I want to achieve my goals…it is a necessity.

    I don’t have a new car. I don’t have the latest fashions. In fact I won’t even mention the last time I bought a new outfit…or new shoes. But I can have a gym membership that helps keep me sane. And I use the heck out of it… 🙂

    Keep your chin up! It does get better…I think…LOL!

    Take Care,

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