Posted by: pursuingsub17 | September 9, 2010

Fundraising for cancer – 5k Rock and Roll Climb of Hope

Okay – last weekend I volunteered for the Women’s Only triathlon. Technically, it’s the last triathlon of the season for me as our weather takes a nose dive in September. Last Sunday was no exception. I arrived, freezing, and wishing I had brought my gloves. As I watched the gals show up in their warm up clothes, looking nervous, racking their bikes, getting body marked, I have to admit, I still wished I had signed up despite the cold. I was assigned to counting laps in the pool. I shouted words of encouragement and said good luck and have a good race as each participant got out of their lane. I stayed and cheered on the last swimmer and went outside to watch the bikers come in and the runners head out.

By this point, it was warmer. The majority of the women were smiling – beaming – as this was their first ever triathlon and they were loving it. There were some seasoned athletes there. They had the serious “I’m gonna kill this race” look on their face. I’m sure that would have been my look…maybe. I was jealous. I remember my first triathlon and the exhileration that I felt when it was over. I knew I was hooked. There were many there who had that same look and I felt so great for them. It made me sad knowing this was the last race for awhile but it also inspired me. I went for a mountain bike ride that day and then an hour long run the next and then planned out my work out goals for the next few months. Best thing to get out of a funk!

But wait! I have one more race. This one also involves giving back. My friend and I are once again doing the 5k Rock and Roll Climb of Hope. Last year was the inaugural and I have to say one of the best organized races I’ve ever participated in. We were dressed up glam rock last year. This year, we’re the Raspberry Beret Runners. Yes, we’ll be wearing berets! I also designed the logo for our t-shirts and we have lacy Prince style gloves. There will be rock bands, great tech shirts, fantastic prizes and a burger for the end of the race. WAAAAYYYY better than the Calgary 70.3. Those race organizers have a lot to learn.  The 5k race, which includes several hills and stair climbs in and out of our river valley,  is to raise money and awareness for the Alberta Cross Cancer Institute.

If anyone wants to donate, here’s the link to my donation page (have a good laugh at my photos!): Let me know if the link doesn’t work.


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