Posted by: pursuingsub17 | August 24, 2010

Financial pitfalls of triathlon

Ok – first off, the half marathon wasn’t my best performance but I still did well considering I just did a half Ironman three weeeks prior. I was 8 minutes off my personal best – finished in 2:20 (actually, chip time was 2:19 – from gun start it was 2:20). I felt like crap the last 3k. It was a battle of wills. I kept telling myself I have nothing to prove on this race and it’s okay to walk. But my other self said “you are not walking to the finish! Just get through the next 6 minutes and you can have your 1 minute walk break!” It was tough. I wasn’t sore but I was utterly exhausted. At 14k – 7k to go, I actually thought “I hate running.” Wow! Talk about negative speak in the head. I responded with “enough of that negative talk – you’re in the middle of a race. Suck it up.” So I got my medal – and a valuable lesson. No more races after a half ironman (or full ironman). Not unless it’s 3 months later! I never rested. I went from half ironman to a few days off to speed work for a half marathon.

Anyway – next piece of bad news. I definitely have to reset my goals for Ironman Canada. One thing about this sport – it’s not cheap. Tri-bike – $3500. Wetsuit – $400. Ironman entry fee – $550. For everything else, there’s MasterCard. Mmmm hmmm. My MasterCard is now at $10,336. Ihave a line of credit sitting at $9994 and another credit card at $2100. So it’s time to say enough is enough. I need to get my debt paid down before I slap the plastic down next Sunday. I never saved up for the entry fee. My parents are helping me with my debt so I can’t justify driving out to Penticton for a 4 day holiday and spending another $1000 – at least. Marc can’t either. We made the decision last night. Best not to even go and be tempted.

It was a tough decision but the wise one. We were supposed to volunteer in the massage tent. I’m letting them down. We were supposed to cheer on a virtual teammate whom I’ve never met but communicated with a lot. We’re letting him down. As for not signing up, I’m not really letting anyone down. It’s the mature decision. It just sucks.

But maybe it’s fate telling me I need another year of triathlons before jumping in with the big boys. This will give me time to tackle my weaknesses and build my strengths. I’ve decided not to go on Coach Mark’s plan – they started too early. I was sick of training by March. It will also give me time to save up for my race fees. Because let’s face it – racing and gym membership fees and gear are not cheap.

It’s all happening for a reason. I’ll be in better physical and financial shape next year and that will put me in a great position for Ironman Canada 2012! Watch out!


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