Posted by: pursuingsub17 | August 17, 2010

Time for just one more race

Okay – did my 15k run on Sunday. My speedwork has been awesome – the LSR on Sunday was a bit difficult. I felt sluggish and my legs felt like they were heavy. I was either tired or it could have been from biking for an hour the day before. Regardless, I felt ready to do one more race.

When I first started race planning for the year, I had decided not to do the Edmonton Marathon. I was tired of it and wanted to try Calgary. Well, we all know that fell through. So I went to the Edmonton Marathon site. Still room for more half marathoners. But I didn’t want to sign up until I proved to myself that I could at least run 15k without spilling my guts onto the sidewalk. So I ate what I used to eat training for the marathon last year and tried not to take in so much water. That seemed to do it. Why I suddenly felt I needed a heavy breakfast to get me through a workout, I don’t know. I also didn’t down a 500ml bottle of Vitamin Water or Dasani half way through a run because I thought I needed it. Gee – do you think that’s what made my gut slosh around?

Anyway, yes, still tired from the Calgary 70.3 but I’m not sore and I made it through the 15k. My hips felt tight and there was a slight pull behind the kneecap. I remembered to focus on my form on the way back and I was injury free. Did 11 minute miles so not so pretty but I can still manage the Edmonton Half. I signed up Sunday night.

I’m not expecting a personal best. I just want to go out and have fun and at least run a 2:15 half. My PB is actually 2:12 I believe so if I do better, great but as it isn’t my A race, that’s okay. The big thing is to check out the new race course, see if there are more goodies in the swag bag than last year – basically see if the event has improved at all…and get one more finisher’s medal of course :). Who knows? I might do well. Traditionally, my last race of the year always seems to be my best even though it’s never the A race.

That being said, I’m ready to pack it in for the year. I’ll be volunteering at the Women’s Only – the one I did remarkably well at last year at the end of the race season. After that, it’s all maintenance workouts and catching up on good books and condo cleaning. I’ve been reading up on off season training and Marc suggested I focus on what I need to improve on – that being the bike. Improve the bike, improve the run. I’m going to get back into strength training – concentrating on my upper body and arms at least until January. A friend of mine is joining a pilates class – I think I might start with that just to do something different for awhile, combined with core work, and then move into plyometrics and weights by December. I’m also planning on joining a spin class on Saturdays – 8:30am start! That’ll make me behave!

Two weeks from yesterday will be Ironman Canada sign up day. I’ll most likely do it but I haven’t decided 100 percent yet. The half Ironman was a lot tougher than anticipated – mostly the run because of my effort level on the bike. But it was a good learning race. As long as I keep those lessons in mind and become more disciplined in my training, especially once the new year hits, I can do it.

Until then – rest, recovery, play!



  1. Finally catching up on your blog. Good for you!! Sounds like a good plan to just go out and have fun… 🙂 And we can always use another medal…LOL!! Rest, Recover…Play – love it!! – Heather

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