Posted by: pursuingsub17 | July 22, 2010

Watch Ironman finishes on YouTube for inspiration

Okay. I’m still not getting why I’m not too nervous. Only a bit. 75% of me is totally ready – almost too relaxed. But 25% of me is saying “you haven’t trained enough – you should have done more sit ups – you should have done more hill training on the bike – you should have done a few open water swims or went to Master Swim…or this one:  your goals are unrealistic – you could quite possibly not finish the bike – you’re overestimating your bike and run times”. Oh, those nagging “you haven’t done enough” thoughts. But as quickly as they come, I simply say “you’ve been on the windtrainer ALL winter. you trained for a marathon and you’re a very good swimmer. Of course you are ready.”

Lisa Bentley has some great tapering tips in the Calgary 70.3 newsletter. What I thought was cool is that I’ve been following most of them already – not because I have this mystical insight – but I’ve been reading up a lot on the subject and of course remembering tapering advice from marathon racing. I’m drinking plenty of fluids and eating more salt. I’m trying not to push myself too hard on my workouts to risk injury and I’ve been mentally visualising race day for a month now. Today I started looking at YouTube videos to email to my mom so she has an idea of what I’m doing. That’s when I started getting excited…to a point where I was a little emotional (but in a good way). My heart actually started racing a bit. Not because I’m panicking, but because I suddenly realized I’m totally stoked and looking forward to this race. I’m more excited about doing this than when I was training for my first marathon.

So there’s the key – watch some YouTube videos to get motivated and inspired. Even watching the amateur videos taken by specatators is motivational – probably even more so because it’s really capturing the excitment I feel at Marc’s events.

I watched one that got me so emotional, I could barely talk to Marc on the phone. It was the finish of the person I saw out on the Penticton Ironman Canada 2009 course who was bent over at the waist, doubled up in pain, at 16:30 in the race and still about 8 or 10K to go. I often thought how that person made out. I thought it was an elderly man. He looked so lonely out there. The streets were pitch black and only two volunteers encouraging the athlete to just keep moving. Then I found out it was an elderly lady. She was one of the last to finish the race and she crossed it just after midnight. She may not have finished in the required time – but she made it. What spirit! Truly motivational.

If you want to see for yourself, go to YouTube and type in “IronMan Penticton 2009: Old lady crossing after midnight“. Don’t really like the term “old lady” but unfortunately, that was the title. More like “determined spirit crosses finish line after midnight”. But if you watch, you’ll get what I’m saying. This mystery lady has become one of my heros.

As for me and Ironman Canada – still haven’t decided yet. But I booked my holidays, contacted the people we stayed with last year, and Marc and I registered to volunteer at the end of August for the 2010 race. On that day, I will probably forget all my whining and griping about how I didn’t have a life this summer and I’m sick of training, blah blah blah. I will witness again the human spirit triumphing over demons, ignoring pain and pleading logic from the legs and gut, and it will inspire me to sign up for 2011. As Lisa Bentley predicted, I have moved from “I’m never training for a Half Ironman again” to “how many can I do next year??”

I’ll probably be writing a few more blogs in the next little while.



  1. You are so inspiring!! And I’m excited for you and I know you’re ready. Tell “Critical Cybil” or whatever you call that little voice to shut-up.

    I got emotional reading your post… 😉 And I can’t wait to watch the video. I always find it inspiring to see people pressing on…pursuing their dream…refusing to give up. Go girl!! You got this… 🙂

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