Posted by: pursuingsub17 | July 7, 2010

Where did my sudden motivation come from??

Okay – Marc says not to question it – but I’m working out like crazy the last two weeks. Last week it was hill work in the mountains. This week I was gung ho to do another hill run – only I’m back home so this was river valley hillwork but still good. Tonight I’m ready for an hour on the bike – even if it has to be the windtrainer because there’s a storm outside. And I can’t wait to hit the pool on Friday.

As Yoda says – “don’t think, just do.”

Where did this motivation come from? I’m thinking it might be fear of the race that’s coming up quickly – fear I didn’t train enough combined with the realization that I did. I’ve become uber confident on the bike. So much so that I actually enjoy biking more than running! I can’t believe I said that. Last year I was terrified of clipping into the bike pedals and wouldn’t even reach for my water bottle for fear of tipping over. I barely sat in the aero position. All that is over my friends. This weekend…the three hour hilly ride!

That leaves one more weekend to squeeze in a long brick workout. I haven’t been doing much of those – swim and run or swim and bike maybe but not bike and run. Anyway, I still have time before I taper off. I figure two more weekends of heavier workouts and then slow it down.

Am I nervous? Yes. Not sure why though. I have mastered all three – well, not mastered but I’m comfortable with all three sports. My run is awesome, getting used to the bike and the swim is no big deal….except it’s going to be very cold. I just have to get over that.

AND I still haven’t learned to change a flat yet. Good Lord. I better do that this weekend too.

25 more sleeps.

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