Posted by: pursuingsub17 | July 5, 2010

Getting Half Ironman doubts from training lingo

Okay – I’m still doing it of course. But I think one of the worst things I could have done was read their “suggested training” segments in the newsletter. I’m looking at the training and thinking “huh? what’s that??” Spin ups, TT, what is this? Code? Tri-code? I see stuff like this and I think, “why didn’t I join a team?” Coach Mark gave us some easily explained drills to do on the windtrainer, a few explanations on the run and as far as the swim goes, he said “swim 45 mins” or whatever. Run two hours, bike three. That’s it.  Now I’m trying to decipher tri training lingo a month before the big race and it sets me into panic mode.

I don’t feel like I’ve trained adequately. I’m a strong swimmer. I swam usually once a week for 30-45 minutes. But how often? It was 4 times a month. Training for the marathon, I skipped one, maybe two months? I can’t remember. I didn’t get an open water swim in like I had hoped. Marc doesn’t seem to think it’s an issue. Okay – he’s a fish and can swim fast without any training for a year. I was a water rat myself but I still don’t feel that I’ve trained enough. I’m confident on the bike now – but I haven’t been able to do a lot of REAL hill work. I’ve done the right leg/left leg, sit/stand drills but not often. I focused everthing on that marathon from about April 1st to the end of May.

I’m already seeing what I would do differently next year. Swimming – well, I’m good at it but I definitely want to swim at least once a week – and maybe start doing actual drills instead of just jumping in and swimming. Same goes for the bike. Maybe. Guess I’ll know after August 1st!

I guess what I’m trying to say is – don’t wait until a few weeks prior to a big race to start reading up on training. You’ll second guess yourself! What’s done is done. Chalk it up to experience. Pick up a book or magazine or look online at for a good training program to begin for next season.


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