Posted by: pursuingsub17 | May 27, 2010

Would you do a marathon if it’s snowing?

Okay – the weather forcast has changed quite a bit since yesterday. It was supposed to be +15 and sunny – then +12 and variably cloudy – showers the day before. Now they’re calling for rain mixed with snow for Saturday, overnight low of -1 C (about 30 degrees F). Sunday will be variably cloudy and…+9 C (48 degrees F). I think I’ll still run it. Hell, I’ve trained in that. But I’ve never had to run a marathon with gloves, long sleeve shirt and tights.

So I’ve been looking on different sites – says to dress as though it will be 20 degrees warmer…I’ll have to figure that out in celcius. I’m thinking instead of a bulky, long sleeve top over my moisture wicking Tshirt that I was going to wear, I might opt for arm warmers – something triathletes use a lot. I’m wearing the same Sugoi running shorts. They have 5 pockets in the back for holding gels because I definitely am not wearing a Fuel Belt just to hold gels. Maybe. We’ll see. I’ll pack it just in case. I’ll try and dig up my $1 mini-mits so I don’t feel bad about shedding them onto the street if I start getting warm. Definitely not wearing the cotton race jersy I was going to wear and then toss when I started warming up. But I don’t really have an inexpensive long sleeve top to wear that I can toss.

This stupid weather is totally throwing off my strategy!! But I have run races when it was only +12 so I might be able to handle it. Once I get going, I overheat anyway. Maybe this will make my time better 🙂

Marc might bail though. He can’t afford to get sick so close to Ironman. That’s okay. I can still go it alone. I know he’ll be driving around at certain points to cheer me on and will be at the finish line.

But if there’s a blizzard race day, I don’t know if I’ll do it. Seriously, would you? All this training…oh well, the Calgary 1/2 Ironman is actually my big race and that’s August 1st. But searching the web today I discovered there have been a lot of races in the US this year that have been plagued by snow. And people still ran them!

I’ll keep you posted.

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