Posted by: pursuingsub17 | May 18, 2010

When a marathon is no longer enough – bring on triathlon

I haven’t been talking about this race all that much. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s not THE race of the season for me or I just don’t have the fire in my belly this year. First year was all about just seeing what I can do in my first marathon. Last year, I was battling Prima and in need of assistance from Marc and wondering if I could do better than the year before now that I had learned from mistakes. This year has been about trying to beat last year’s 4:35 time. I don’t know if I can. My speed runs have been fast – long slow runs have been a 10 minute mile pace. But I haven’t done as much hillwork. And I feel that my effort has trailed off in the last month. I took a break last week – ran my required 32K only (and just about tanked after 30).

I don’t know whether I’m totally ready or totally unprepared. There’s supposed to be a huge climb at the Calgary marathon. I’m not too worried about it but I do know that because of that hill, I might not beat my time from last year. I’m sure I’ll be the same or maybe 10 mins slower. I’ve had dreams about forgetting my wetsuit for a triathlon race – last night I dreamt I only brought one running shoe with me to Calgary and left the other at home. Is my mind playing games with me? Am I really that unprepared or is it that dark side of me trying to get me to give up? Or is it maybe that this is my third marathon and it’s become no big deal?

Does that mean races are like drugs? The more you do, the bigger the challenge you need to get that same anxiety and obsession with training and the rush when you finish? It must be true as I’m more worked up about the Calgary 70.3 Half Ironman. I feel like a fraud. I’m a good runner but I haven’t been in the pool enough or on the bike enough. Well, I still have two months to prepare for that one.

Or is it just that I haven’t set myself a goal for this marathon race? I want to survive the triathlon. I want to do it in 6.5 hours. This makes me anxious. I haven’t really set a goal for the marathon other than to try and beat my time from last year by 10 minutes. And really, it’s doable. Maybe I should have set a higher standard.

Anyway, I do feel rested. Going to put in a speed workout in after work, bike tomorrow, another 45 min run Thursday (maybe hillwork?) and a swim on Friday followed by another easy bike. Next week I’m just doing some easy jogs. Last year I was trying to push as many speed and hill workouts in as I could – risking injury.

I think I better go over what I need to pack too – just in case I forget my running shoes!


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