Posted by: pursuingsub17 | May 12, 2010

Fatigue and over training

I’ve been completely exhausted this week. I was feeling tired last week. The week before I had serious insomnia. This week, I’m exhausted to a point where I just want to close my eyes at work and sleep – I even feel nauseated. Eating my lunch makes me feel worse.

So yesterday I thought maybe it was my eating habits during the day. Good breakfast and supper but maybe what I had at lunch was the culprit. I’ve heard of insulin levels being screwed up depending on what you eat. I asked my virtual team members who are all under the guidance of Coach Mark. What they eat is really no different than what I eat. Yes, I like the occasional junk food snack, but my eating habits aren’t too far off theirs.

Today I wondered if maybe my iron is too low – or not enough potassium or maybe I needed more vitamin b. I asked Marc what he thought – quite possible was his answer. But then I thought – no – I have the same eating habits, if not better, as I did last year and although I had the occasional sleepy day due to lack of sleep or boredom at work, I did not feel this overwhelmingly fatigued. But then it occurred to me…

“Marc, do you think it’s possible I’m over training?”

He said it’s very possible. His friend and former team mate has been sick three times now since January and he’s notorious for over training. I argued that I didn’t think I was training enough – and I didn’t feel sick, just very fatigued. I also said I just don’t have the energy or the enthusiasm to work out either. He shrugged.

So I get on the computer back at the office and looked it up. My friends – I believe my problem is indeed overtraining. I’m burned out. I have about 80% of all the symptoms: feeling washed out, lack of motivation, mood swings, loss of appetite, feeling guilty about taking time off, FATIGUE – there’s a long list that can be found on medicine. The cure? I have to get over the fact that time off is going to hurt my performance. I have a 32k workout on Friday. I’m supposed to bike today and a two hour bike on Sunday – one hour swim Saturday. The research suggests time off with plenty of rest. I can’t sit still. I feel guilty. Well, I have to get over it because the next symptom is injury. Okay – I must and do want to do the 32k run. I want to swim. The bike? We’ll see. My biggest paranoia is getting off the bike because I’ve fallen over several times – and I have to practice reaching for my water bottle. So maybe I’ll focus on that instead of a big long ride.

Okay – I can give up on the outside bike tonight and walk the dog instead. Get going again on the weekend. I might just leave it at that and take a time out.

If you think you might have the same problem, here’s two websites that might give you an “aha!” moment – or make you go…”hmmm…”

Overtraining Syndrome

British Journal of Sports Medicine – Fatigue and Underperformance in athletes: The overtraining syndrome

There are others. Just look up “fatigue and overtraining”.

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