Posted by: pursuingsub17 | May 4, 2010

May choose Ironman Canada over Coeur d’Alene

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the weekend. As my marathon approaches and I have one more long slow run scheduled for Saturday, I’ve realized it’s very difficult training for an early season race with our weather conditions. I’ve had to endure some pretty miserable weather, opting for a treadmill on days where I was supposed to be doing short runs and hill work. I can’t afford an expensive gym membership and I dropped my membership at Spa Lady thinking I should be okay running outside now that it’s spring. I’ve done marathons before. I’m not worried about the level of training I’ve put in.

My weakness is the bike. If I sign up for an Ironman triathlon that takes place at the end of June, that might give me a month and a half on the bike on an actual road. I had special reasons for choosing Ironman CDA for my first triathlon at that distance but now that I’ve actually experienced how difficult it is to train early in the year, I might have to re-think the location. Ironman Canada is supposed to be a tough course in terms of steep climbs – but it’s at the end of August – thus giving me a lot of experience on the bike as well as open water swims. Breaks my heart but I think I have to choose Canada.

I’m still going to CDA in June to support Marc – but I might have to take another trip at the end of summer to sign up for Ironman Canada. Marc warned me several times how tough it is. He thinks I should do CDA – but I’ll be an Ironman newbie. Better to have decent enough weather over a long period of time to train for a steep climb then have very little experience on the road on the bike.

Still deciding – I’ll keep you posted!


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