Posted by: pursuingsub17 | April 28, 2010

I’d rather stay in bed than sit on my bike

It’s a constant battle every week. At the beginning I always say “only Monday off -this week, I’m going to get my proper workouts in!” I set the alarm for 5am. I don’t care whether it’s strength training or crunches and stretches or …let’s see, I’ve added yoga to the mix twice a week.

But then I wake up at 3:30 in the morning and I can’t get back to sleep! I’m not worried about anything – just little things keep popping into my head and my mind doesnt’ want to shut off. Sigh. So I reach over and re-set the alarm for as late as possible that will allow me to at least walk the dog, shower, maybe eat and go to work.

Sunday night was horrible. I had 4 hours of sleep. Monday night was bad too but at least I had 6 hours. Last night was better but I still re-set the alarm when I woke up with sore shoulders, itchy, dry skin and achy hips. I didn’t lay awake thank God – just kept waking up. So there goes my morning bike.

I’m doing exactly what I promised myself I wouldn’t do last year. I’m cramming workouts into the last few days of the week -doubling up to make up for missed runs or a bike earlier in the week. I guess that’s good training – at least I’m doing brick work – but I’m exhausted by the time Sunday night rolls around and I have little time for groceries, cleaning up, laundry or a social life.

Yet I still want to do this! I think a person can train for a long distance race if they just spread out the training. No more of this weekend warrior stuff. But it’s just so damn hard to get out of bed when I’ve had a restless night. And it’s hard to stay motivated when it’s cold, damp and windy outside.

Next year my Ironman is at the end of June. I can’t have this attitude toward training next year. But I’m just so tired.

1 hr bike and a 45 minute run after work – on a Wednesday. Woo hoo. Maybe tonight I’ll get a better sleep and try and get up early tomorrow!


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