Posted by: pursuingsub17 | April 26, 2010

Calgary 70.3 information

Okay – I’m both excited and terrified. I chatted with Marc over the weekend about the Calgary 70.3 and he knew more about it than me! I asked how he knew all that and he said “because I wanted to check out the race that you’ve signed up for – didn’t you?”

Heh heh. Uh, no. I ALWAYS check out the logistics, etc. so why I didn’t this time, not sure. Glad he said that though. There are a lot of things I needed to know. For instance:

  1. It’s not out and back – it’s point to point.
  2. The average temperature for the lake is 16 to 18 degrees celcius (65-70 degrees F). Maybe I should have practiced rolling around in the snow in my bathingsuit this winter.
  3. Neoprene booties are not allowed unless the water is significantly colder. If it is significantly colder, I might need my ice skates.
  4. The swim is not a mass start – it’s in waves of 10 minute intervals by age group. Most of you might like this. I, however, feel safety in numbers despite the clawing and grasping. Swimming alone terrifies me. But given that I’m in a popular age group, I should be okay.
  5. Lisa Bentley is going to be the guest speaker Friday night!
  6. The bike is described as 94kms (longer than the standard 90) and consists of “scenic rolling hills.” Marc said that means %%**$ hilly. But they can’t put %%**$ hilly in a brochure or website so they say “scenic, rolling hills.”
  7. They have a shuttle taking all the athletes from the hotel to the site.
  8. If you want to know anything about the race, here’s the official site:

That’s about it in terms of what I needed to know. I’m a wee nervous. I’m going to practice repairing a flat almost every weekend! I do need to bike more. Swimming, yes, that too but I am a strong swimmer. Just need to be prepared for the cold. I’ve done a sprint race last year that was in freezing water so I’m somewhat prepared.

So stoked. I know I can do this. Counting on 6.5 hours but it might be 7. Anyway, got me motivated, that’s for sure!


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