Posted by: pursuingsub17 | March 4, 2010

Using my Ironman pursuit to raise money for local animal shelter

Okay – I got the ball rolling. When I first started spectating at Marc’s Ironman races in Coeur d’Alene, I was very impressed by a lot of the age groupers utilizing the race as a means to raise money for their favorite charity through the Janus Charity Challenge. What a great idea! Not only motivating but it’s using your energies to give back to a worthy cause. So when I made the decision to train for an Ironman, I knew that this was something I wanted to do. Last winter I contacted the good people at Janus but unfortunately the charity I wanted to do fundraising for was not a registered charity in the United States. Okay, I probably could have picked an American charity. The California SPCA comes to mind. But truthfully, I am more familiar with the Humane Society here in my home city and I might be able to raise more money if I am local to the charity. Make sense, oui?

I was warned by a few people close to me – “that’s a huge undertaking.” I had to really seriously consider this because it is true. It will mean some sacrifices. But hey – I love our little furry and feathered friends and I want to do my part. These guys could use our help too. So I took the plunge yesterday. I contacted the Edmonton Humane Society. At first, it was met with some confusion but after explaining where I got the idea and that I didn’t believe there was an organization like Janus in Canada that helps manage and assist athletes in their charity efforts, I think I got some people interested.

It was an exciting day today. I’ve been working with a great lady in the fund development department and we’ve been bouncing ideas back and forth on methods to get this going with the least amount of cost to the organization. (Hey – what can I say – my education is in Public Relations). I can’t believe they never thought of utilizing good ol’ social media! Anyway, she’s going to do some investigating to help make this work so I told her to take her time. She’s going to get back to me at the end of March.

Whew. Did I open Pandora’s Box for myself? I got the ball rolling. This is what I wanted to do. And now I have another purpose to my training. I also have to become a lot more disciplined and learn to make a few sacrifices. Some feelings are going to get hurt – some people are going to be put on the back burner for the next year and a few months – but it’s one year and it’s a cause that’s really close to my heart. I finally feel like I can make a difference!

Stay tuned! I’ll let you know how this all pans out and if you want to make a donation to help our four legged (or two winged) friends, you’ll find out within the next few months!


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