Posted by: pursuingsub17 | February 16, 2010

Time to let go if your training goals and experience are different

Well, I officially started the training program for the marathon at the end of May. Like last year, I’m incorporating the training plan I found on with a triathlon training schedule. Right now I’m using Marc’s ex coach’s schedule.  However, I’ve decided that come February 26th – when I have to also start training for the Sylvan Lake half iron – I am switching over to It isn’t that Marc’s ex coach is giving bad advice, it’s just that I’m noticing there’s a huge difference in our goals, skills and experience. He’s training for something totally different than me and I can’t be on his personal program anymore. 

First off, he lives in another city almost halfway across the country so all my communication is by email. Furthermore, the program that I’m on is actually the one that he and about four of his friends are using. They’re training for a full Ironman in June. I’m training for a marathon in May and a half iron distance in July. Our goals are different – so are our skills, experience and capability. He’s been really good so far in terms of conditioning. I’m feeling much more physically prepared going into my training season. But their training schedule is very different than mine and I’m not getting anything customized to suit my needs. I didn’t really expect to in the first place. He was up front about not being able to provide personalized coaching and I can’t pay him to do that. So I’ve been doing a lot of my own research anyway through tri books, magazines and websites and I’m already adjusting the run distances that he’s been providing to better suit marathon training. If I had the money, I would get a coach with a more personalized plan but I don’t. So it’s time to go it alone for the time being.

I’m still doing the bike workouts that he sets out for us. Ontri just says “do 30 min bike” on such and such a day. Marc’s ex coach actually emails drills to use to increase speed, strength and endurance. So I’m keeping up with those. I’m still doing the plyometrics and crunches 4 times a week, but I’ve traded the weight training for resistance bands. He has a gym in his home. I don’t. I also can’t afford a gym membership right now so I’m limited. Best I can do is make adjustments.

It’s all good though. For some reason, I’m more committed to training now that I’m on my own schedule. It’s not a light schedule either! I have one day off a week. I’m working out in the morning and after work. Weekends are booked solid. But I’m not discouraged. Now that training season is here, I’m actually feeling motivated – or maybe that’s just from the Olympics. But I’m ready to tackle the training and get this race season going!


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