Posted by: pursuingsub17 | February 10, 2010

Wishing all athletes all the best for the Vancouver Olympics

The Vancouver Winter Olympics are starting this weekend. My motivation for working out has been half way there – almost to where it was at before I got sick. I’m thinking watching the athletes will inspire me. As I whine about having to do a 4 mile run followed by a swim this evening, I think about those who commit themselves to doing their best at their sport. I’m sure they have their days too where they feel they would rather sit on the couch but something inside them says “no – get up – the world will be watching you and you’ll feel an amazing sense of pride – so get up off that couch and go train”.

I’m from Canada and obviously I’ll be wearing my Team Canada jersey, shouting “Go Canucks!” at the TV set at work or at home and occasionally weeping during touching moments of glory – something I’ve been doing a lot lately in my middle age. But the Olympics are not just about how many gold medals a country has over another. It’s a global celebration of spirit and endurance. It’s recognizing amateur athletics and dedication to a goal. It’s realizing that the Olympics are the one moment where we are all united in thought and hope and enjoying moments that take us away from daily troubles. Think about how many times you’ve been amazed at the athletic ability of an athlete from another country or cheered on the underdogs that didn’t represent your homeland. The Jamaican bobsled team is one that comes to my mind!

So for this reason, I am going to extend my well wishes to all athletes from all around the globe. I particularly want to send a special wish to our neighboring Olympic team, Team USA. I have friends from Canada who have moved there as well as good friends from the US who were born and raised there. For all of you in the US (or Americans living in Canada or Canadians who might know a US Olympic athlete), you can follow your favorite athlete or team by clicking on the link I provided.

If you’re reading this – athlete or aspiring to attain other personal goals – remember to send a special wish to your country’s team or your neighboring country. Why? Because whether it’s for personal accomplishment, a promise made to a friend or loved one, or pride for their country, these athletes – all of them – deserve a great hats off. They’ve been working hard for this moment. Some will win the gold, silver or bronze. Some will place last. But in the end, they’ve all accomplished something great and something to be proud of no matter what country they call their homeland.

Hopefully this weekend will kick me in the pants and get me out the door for practice!



  1. After reading this I feel sort of bad for desperately clawing my way out of Vancouver. I should be embracing the fact the Olympics are in my city but instead I’m getting the hell out of Dodge.

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