Posted by: pursuingsub17 | January 20, 2010

The nutrition mission – eating to become a more efficient machine.

I’m definitely getting better but my nutrition sucks. Fever is gone and the head isn’t so stuffed up but all this hacking is upsetting my stomache. I don’t have much of an appetite. I’ve been drinking lots of liquids – soup broth, tea, Gatorade, cranberry juice, McCain’s goji juice – immune support, ginger ale, Boost (to get some vitamins and minerals in me) – protein shakes might be next. Occasionally, I’ll grab a few nuts or a fruit and nut granola bar by Nature Valley. On Monday, I ate some home made hummus with baked pita chips. I had breakfast for the first time yesterday – Crispx cereal. Last night Marc wanted to make something for my birthday – all I wanted was an all beef hot dog. He also made some baked chips by slicing a few potatoes with a mandolin slicer and sprinkled some salt overtop. I ate those – couldn’t finish the hot dog.

I’m not nauseous. I just don’t seem to want to eat – and I get full fast. I’m sure my stomache has shrunk. I’ve noticed my pants are fitting a little looser in the hips. Some people might think that’s great. I, however, do not. I always had skinny legs and no bum. Thanks to all the weights, plyometrics and bike training, I added some wanted inches. Now I’m scared I’m going to lose what I gained.

I can feel my muscles atrophy while I write this!! AAAAHHHHHH!!! I’m shrinking!

Enough with the drama. With every bad there’s good – or a lesson to be learned. I’ve been focusing a lot more on my nutrition lately. I’m not eating right now – but I certainly haven’t been eating properly over the last few years either. I eat at bad times of the day. Sometimes I skip lunch. I love junk food. I don’t watch the sodium content on canned food. I don’t eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables. I like red meat. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Maybe for some people but for people like Marc and I, we need red meat in our diet. Everyone is different. But I need to balance that with carbs and fruit and veggies. I don’t drink enough water.

So it got me thinking – being sick has been almost like a cleansing. I had my first beer in a week yesterday. It was good – but I really didn’t want another one. Now is also a good time to start looking at better eating habits. In the past, I’ve made attempts at eating small meals 6 times a day because someone told me I should but that isn’t consistent – probably because I didn’t fully understand why. And I don’t really know what my particular requirements are never mind a distance athlete’s requirements. So it’s time to do some research instead of listening to my boss or what a friend’s co-worker does or what Marc eats. I have a book about female triathletes – written by a female triathlete – and I’ve read all the chapters on equipment and training and training plans and mental training and what to pack on race day – but I don’t bother with the nutrition. Why? Because I find it not only overwhelming but the recipes time consuming, exotic vegetables and legumes hard to find or costly and I feel like the recipes are for people who are dieting – not eating nutritiously to enhance performance. So I am now on a nutrition mission – the quest to find food that will make me a more efficient machine!

I’d see a dietition but I don’t know if that’s going to cost me money. That’s probably my best bet though. But I’ll also research different triathlete websites and magazines – look at women with my body type (not what I want my body type to be) and see what they’re doing. I’m going to delve into the science of fuel for the body – break down into micro nutrients what it is that the body needs and what food is the most efficient.

I’m realizing more and more that to do well in a sport, you really have to know more than how to swim or bike or run. You have to know the science end of it too – physics, biology, mechanics, chemistry. So now I’m not just training 2 times a day 6 days a week – I still have a lot of learning to do. Nutrition is the next phase – and I’m on a nutrition mission!


  1. Glad you’re feeling better (and Happy Belated Birthday) Nutrition…the hardest part of training I think. At least for me. But also one of the most important. Lots of books with training plans…suggestions, etc. But I have yet to find anything on nutrition that works specifically for me…

    I’ve been using the Glycemic Index Diet because I’m trying to lose weight and it works, I’m enjoying it and my body is definitely working more efficiently but it isn’t always enough fuel for those long, hard runs. Definitely a learn as we go process…I look forward to reading about what you learn here. Maybe I can use it too…of course I’m not training for a triathlon…that’s more than I can handle. I’ll have to live vicariously through you on that 🙂 You GO Girl!!!

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