Posted by: pursuingsub17 | January 19, 2010

Should you train when sick?

No. I remember something my doctor said years ago – ahem – two decades ago actually. She said if you have a chest infection, it isn’t wise to work out and proceeded to tell me about a police officer who, on an off duty day, decided to go for a run – even though he had a touch of the flu. He died of a heart attack. The virus attacked his heart.

I’m sure there are other reasons, such as making your illness worse. Anyway, I double checked with both Marc and my coach since I wound up with my first chest infection in over 9 years and both said the same thing – if you have an infection in the chest/lungs, NO aerobic activity. Coach said I could lift weights but only if I take longer breaks. I still opted to take a break. I guess if you’re sick with a head cold, you can still work out but just take it easy.

Now this was not easy for me! I was finally geared up for training season – which starts in a few weeks – and I had developed a good base despite my whining. I was ready to kick it into high gear and I get sick. At first it was tightness in the chest, then a cough, then it went into my head along with the cough and then a fever. Today is the first day I feel normal – but I’m still coughing. It was so nice out the last few weeks and I couldn’t even go for a run.

But apparently, one should not fear taking two weeks off. This shouldn’t set you back. If anything, this might be a good break for me.

By the way – I turned 42 today. If this is my first flu in 9 years, I think I’m in pretty good shape 🙂



  1. That makes sense.. I had a pretty bad cold last week, but I still trained, just because I didn’t feel THAT bad, but after I felt even worse… so I guess I’ll just take the day off next time 😉
    No flu in 9 years is pretty amazing!!

    – Kloé

    • Takes a lot of will power not to train too!

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