Posted by: pursuingsub17 | January 11, 2010

Race planning for 2010

Not sure where to start – been a few weeks! Christmas was good. I behaved myself this year :). I worked out according to coach’s schedule as much as possible. Unfortunately, I am a nightowl so I stayed up until 1 or 2am and slept in until 10am so I had to quickly get out of that habit when I returned to work January 4th. I felt really burned out that week and sick of training.

But I might have it licked. The week is young so we’ll see. I did my first 2 hour brick workout in over 6 months on Saturday and it felt good. Did an hour and a half on the bike doing right/left 1 min repeats and then 5 min sit/stand repeats. Then I ran a 30 min 5K outside because we finally got some decent weather… and felt like crap Sunday! I couldn’t even go for a swim. Oh well. Even coach said not to sweat it if you miss some workouts.

We’re kicking it up now. This week we do two swims, two weight sessions and two plyometric sessions. I have one 30 min run scheduled, two 30 min bikes and another 2 hour brick session on Saturday. It’s a lot. I would like to try and do as much as I can but two weights and two plyometric sessions don’t seem to make much sense when he asks to fit in two days off as well. That means I’m doing a weight session about 9 hours after a tempo run in the early morning. Then 8 hours after the weights – the next day – I do a 30 min bike? I always thought you were supposed to give yourself time to recover. Coach says to adjust accordingly but at the same time, I want to do well so I feel guilty if I only do one weight and one plyometric session.

As for the swim, I’m okay with once a week still. Marc’s starting Master Swim soon and he says he’ll probably be swimming twice a week. I don’t see why – he’s a fish out of water. He kicks butt on the swim with absolutely no practice at all for 16 weeks. Anyway – I’ll probably follow his lead once that starts.

It did occur to me though that I have to start training for my marathon starting the second week in February. So I pulled off the old plan from last year off Runner’s World – it was a good one for me last year since I shaved off a whole hour. If you’re interested: Your Ultimate Marathon Training Plan.

That lead to some final research on races I want to do – which I’ll have to wait to sign up for as Christmas kicked my credit card in the pants. Besides the Calgary Marathon in May, I’m planning on the olympic distance triathlon in Calgary during the Subaru 70.3 half Ironman weekend the third week in June. Hoping to see some triathlete idols there and get autographs. I think I may have Marc talked into that one too…muuaaahaha. So evil. He thinks it would be a good primer for Ironman Coeur d’Alene the following weekend (where I’ll be signing up for 2011!). Is he crazy? Yes. Yes he is. Nice to see he’s back into it.

Then the big race will be the half ironman distance in Sylvan Lake at the end of July. I think I’ll take August off and finish off with the Leduc Women’s Only in September.

Then that’s it. Race season will be over. It’s too bad Canada’s race season is so short. More incentive to save up the pennies and travel to races in the south in the winter I guess!

It may seem a long time off but before I know it, 2011 will be upon me and I’ll be training for that first Sub 17! Anyway – best to focus on the now. 🙂


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