Posted by: pursuingsub17 | December 22, 2009

“How bad do you want this?” Training your brain.

Okay, this has been slightly difficult to keep up with lately. I don’t know where the time has gone! Well, most of it has been training – or pre-training, whatever. Every day off has been spent going to the gym, getting some groceries, doing a bit of housework, making dinner and going to bed. Work’s been stressful – so I don’t work out after work. I work three days a week now and my work load is about a week’s worth. Mentally, it’s too hard to get motivated to go to the gym in the morning or after work. The snow isn’t helping either – and since my last post, it’s been -30 Celcius or colder for at least 22 days out of the 25. It’s hell on the lungs so I’ve been running indoors. Unfortunately, the treadmill in my condo building is broken and the other one was stolen so I have to go to the dreaded Spa Lady where we’re only allowed 20 mins on the treadmill. Unfortunately, $22/month for my month to month membership is cheaper than elsewhere.

My legs have been getting a lot bigger – stronger. I’m enjoying the plyometrics and weight training. I finally started doing bike training on the windtrainer and the workouts have enough variety that I can stay on a stationary bike for at least an hour now without being bored to tears.

Now that being said, I’m still just getting the workouts in – I might miss one session of something a week – but I’m getting most of them in. I’m just yet again squishing them into my days off. I have to stop doing that. Come February 1st, every waking moment will be about training. I’ll have four months to the first long distance race of the season – the marathon at the end of May – my third marathon. I’ll have six months until my first half Ironman. I need more commitment. Right now is just piddly maintenance workouts. Come April and May, it will be more intense and time consuming. I don’t have time to be lazy. So now is the time to start getting used to getting up at 5am. Marc’s not an early riser – and he doesn’t seem to be showing much interest again so I can’t rely on him to get my arse out of bed. I need to want this more.

I need to start training myself to get up early – even if I don’t work out. I need to train myself not to want to stay up until 11pm watching television. I need a strategy to mentally train myself to get used to early to bed and early to rise.  I need to teach myself it isn’t okay to have one more beer and maybe instead do the much needed core work. Last year I had 10 days holidays and the majority of them were spent very unhealthy. I have the same time off this year. I need a routine. No one can do this or teach this. It’s something I need to do myself. No coach can do it for me.

So that’s the challenge – and maybe my New Year’s resolution for 2010. Laziness is not an option. Maybe putting that countdown in my head will help – maybe I need to start each morning by asking myself in the mirror, “How bad do you want this? Do you want to do a half ass job or do you want to have the best year ever?”.

I’m part way there physically but devotion to the time required to feel like I’m having a successful race season needs to be part of my training now. I’m not in this “just to try it” anymore. This is now my life – triathlon has brought meaning to it and I refuse to fail so that starts with mental discipline.



  1. It is weird to see someone else dealing with the same issues I’m going through. Getting to sleep before 11pm and avoiding another Sierra Nevada beer have been a challenge. I am physically fit, but mentally it is difficult to train day in and day out.

    I think it is a combination of winter and a part of your brain telling you to sit on a couch rather then put on 3 layers of clothing and ride outside for 2 hours.

    I try to enjoy my workouts as much as possible and look forward to my 4 week break in March when I get to go rock climbing and lift weights.

    Sounds like you are doing the right things.

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