Posted by: pursuingsub17 | September 17, 2009

Post season conditioning – or pre season?

After finishing my sprint race very well and ending the season on a great note, I’ve already been placed on a new program by Marc’s old coach. At first, I wasn’t sure what the heck he was putting me on – a conditioning program for the next season or a wind down maintenance workout to get me through until Spring 2010 when I have to go full on. It started with two runs, weights, core work out and what he calls plyometrics.

Plyo-what? Basically, I’m jumping like a jack rabbit through hoops, up steps, off steps, jumping up and down in one spot. I didn’t get it at first but after doing a bit of research on, I see it’s value. So I’m slugging away and hoping that his program will improve my time.

I know that triathlon is where I was meant to be. It’s made me a better runner and healthier. I just hope that I don’t burn out. Coach said there is a tendency to do more than what his workouts outline but to stick with it for a reason – pre-season training burn out. It’ll be hard though. Now I’m not just working out to have a better race. I want to drop 5 lbs – all put on after my holidays at Ironman Canada! I guess the wine and the food were just way too good.

Anyway – back at it. Just take each day as it comes. I have a coach now – even if it’s long distance, he knows me and my capabilities and it feels good being part of a team – even if the team is about 800 miles away! As for Marc and his team mate, they’ve both been unenthusiastic but then they just finished an Ironman race. I might end up having to find someone to bike with here and not rely on them. Besides, they are faster than me.

For now anyway! Muuuaaahahaha.


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