Posted by: pursuingsub17 | August 18, 2009

Everything happens for a reason

I’m still walking funny. I’m better than yesterday but I’m still finding it hard to walk normally if I’ve been sitting for a bit. I’m just grateful that my knees don’t hurt like they did last year. It’s all in my hip-flexors and in my butt and mostly sharp pain in the right calf/shin. It might be shin splints. I don’t care though. I’ll take it easy and then get back at it in the fall.

I had forgotten to mention what was going through my head with 3.5K to go in the race. Again, when I was feeling like the race would never end, I remembered where I was just over four years ago on July 1, 2005. Drunk – again – passing out on a bar stool, hitting the floor and knocking myself out cold – then being asked to leave. Now here I was running my second marathon and very close to a personal best. In that moment I thought about all the events that lead up to this point. Was it a coincidence that I met Marc – someone I now consider a soul mate and who had urged me to get into racing? Was there a reason for him to be absent as a coach this year – pulled away by other commitments? If I didn’t have to do this alone – if I had his professional guidance, would I have done any better? Probably not. Therefore, the journey and the goal meant more to me when I achieved it. I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much if I had help. Things happen for a reason. There’s meaning in everything – even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

Today was a big affirmation that there are no conicidences in life. Marc called me up a few hours ago. He said the bib numbers for Ironman Canada were assigned today. So I looked up his name while he was on the phone, hit “submit” and I stared, stunned, at the number. “No way,” I said.


“four – five – four” I blurted and looked at the top to make sure it actually said Subaru Ironman Canada. It was his bib number from last year.


“Yes – seriously.” I suddenly got goosebumps. I closed the window and tried it again. Same number. Last year when Marc found out he got that number, he was ecstatic. It was the number of Chevy’s famous 454 engine – a powerful, big brute – and Marc took it as a sign. He did that race in just over 13 hours – faster than 2007 by an hour and some and over two hours faster than 2006.

Here he got the same number for this race – right when he was feeling pretty down about his lack of training this season. He said he wasn’t even excited about going. Then this happens.

I’ll be damned.

What are the odds? As Marc put it, another race, another date, another country and around 2200 triathletes – the odds of getting that same number again two years in a row under those circumstances were pretty slim. I’m glad that happened. He needed a boost.

Funny how the universe works. It’s always speaking to us – just up to us to listen and realize it isn’t a coincidence.


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