Posted by: pursuingsub17 | August 14, 2009

Pre marathon preparation

It was +11 degrees celcius and rainy but it was great. I felt strong – ARMY strong! Yeah! I wasn’t tired at all. Slept heavy for 9 hours last night. Only problem is I got into the cider and decided to stay up to download some songs. Stupid. But I only had four ciders. Yeah – only – but that’s not much for me. Actutally, I’ve been doing really well the last two months. Anyway, at midnight, I thought I better get to bed because I don’t want to get sick from not getting enough sleep.

So obviously getting lots of sleep works in my favor – as well as cooler, rainy weather. It’s supposed to be +22 on Sunday with a few clouds. The morning will be a little cooler. So it looks like the marathon gods are smiling on me. I’ve done a good job – probably could have used some core work, strength training and more stretching but I have done well with my training. Next year, I will dedicate myself even more.

I’m glad the training is over but I’m not sorry for getting heavy into it. Last year I hated all the time it took away from me. This year, it was all about the training. I’m just glad it doesn’t go on indefinitely.

My boss wished me good luck yesterday. My cousin left a note on her countertop wishing me luck (I’m feeding her pets while she’s away). My mom called me today to wish me luck. This surprised me as this is the first time I’ve actually had well wishes from those close to me. I’m being taken seriously. Finally!

Tomorrow I’m picking up my race kit. I already have my Carb Boom gels and picked out what I’m wearing (Mizuno skort and tank top – might not wear a hat). I will have enough pockets on me and a small add on pocket on my race belt for 8 gels. I have a smaller inner pocket for my motrin and salt pills. My iPod is ready to listen to some motivational tunes before the gun goes off but I’m still not taking it with me. I went over all my short runs just a few minutes ago and I was averaging 9:30 – give or take a few minutes. My long runs were 10 to 11:30 but that’s okay. I can still hit my goal of 4:30.  Anything better is a bonus.

I had a burger with Marc and two beer at the local pub. Right now I’m sipping on a ceasar with no alcohol in it. I might have  a cider. Not sure. Then I’m going to watch a funny movie or maybe one of our taped triathlons and go to bed. After picking up my race kit, I’m going to drive the marathon route to help with the visualizing. Tomorrow will be an early night – smokey mountain meatballs and pasta at Boston Pizza – just like I always have. Oh, and one beer. Then I’ll do one last minute bag check, a few stretches and go to bed by 9pm. My alarm will be set for 4:30 – walk the dog, eat breakfast, grab my NUUN water and Vitamin Water and out the door to be at the race by 6:30. I know I’ll make Marc hurry up so we’re there 15 minutes before that – even if I don’t need to be – but I know I will.

Deep breath. I’m yawning. It’s only 6:25 pm but I think I’ll be ready for bed early.

This is it – tomorrow I might not be able to think about anything except the race. My day is almost here.


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