Posted by: pursuingsub17 | July 28, 2009

Two weeks left and my “coach” shows up

Yeah – thanks. Good timing. Where were you three months ago?

Prima graciously dropped Marc as a coach. She feels he should be with me – not as a coach – as a partner in a relationship. Whatever. That’s not an issue for me – him not being there for ME as a coach is. But I told him it didn’t matter – my race is in two weeks. It’s too late to help me.

Meeeow. Okay – I’m being a green eyed little whiner. But I do have a point. Really, Prima has a point too. She’s paying him $100 a month. She wanted him to set up a sprint tri program for her and come out on more runs. He said he doesn’t have the time. If she wants to move forward, she needs someone who can spend more time with her or go elsewhere – which is what she did. Not sure if that means next year too but it doesn’t matter. I’ve already decided to join a team. I don’t want a repeat of this year – empty promises and not following through. I love the guy – but he blew it with me as a coach and I just can’t have that ruining a good relationship.

He apologized to me – it was really sincere. He admitted he was so focused on helping everyone else that he turned his back on the one who meant the most to him. That was really sweet – however – too late.

My marathon is in two weeks. I was aiming to do my last long run on Friday because I had plans to go out of town to a music festival with a friend. I was supposed to do 32k but I ran out of steam at 16. Not enough fuel on the go. Next year, no plans until I check my training schedule. I’ll try to put in two 20ks this weekend back to back – one with a bike first. I know I’m not supposed to but I’m just worried that I won’t make it past 32k on marathon day. I don’t know what’s going to happen at this point. I don’t have anyone who is experienced in this to give me a pep talk. I wasn’t nervous last year. It was my first so it what it was. But this year is different. It’s my second. I’m hoping for 4 hours but settling for 4:30. What Marc thinks I can do, I have no idea. I don’t think he thinks I can do 4:30. I do know he definitely does not think I can do it in 4 or 4:15. I think that’s pushing it too – 4:30 is reasonable and acceptable. But if I do 5 hours, I’ll be crushed.

I’m already considering a half marathon in the fall to top up the year. I did the same one last year and it made me feel better about my crappy marathon time (5:40 – injured). It all depends on this year’s marathon time. If it sucks, I’ll do it just to prove I can do a half in 2 hours (10 mins faster than last year). If I smoke the run, well, that will be it for the year – other than the women’s only sprint.

Regardless, it’s too late for my coach to decide to make an appearance now – and does it make a difference anyway? I trained better and harder than I did last year (with the exception of the last couple of weeks) and I did it by myself.


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