Posted by: pursuingsub17 | July 21, 2009

Tour de France words of wisdom help me build my bridge.

I’ve been getting all sorts of useful information and inspiring words from the commentators and athletes by watching Tour de France. To back things up a bit, I had a terrible long run on Sunday. Well, not terrible, but it was tough and my time was not as good as it was the week prior. As usual, I was whining about it, thinking I’ve had a huge setback and was my 55 min 10k and awesome long run last week just a fluke? Okay, I had run an 89 minute 15k and had some other good runs…but damn it, why did I take a step back?

Yes, yes, it happens. It was brutally windy that day. I had squashed all my training into the tail end of the week – speedwork and hills and only took Saturday off. I didn’t go to my cousin’s birthday party but I still stayed up late to watch the wicked storm come in from the west (I’m a storm junkie). I couldn’t understand – I was feeling so strong – great posture, leaning forward, chest up and out and shoulders relaxed, running off my forefoot. I thought I must have nailed a 3 hour 30k – at least 28. No. I did not. I had deviated a bit from my regular run just to shake things up a bit but I wound up running less kilometers than my regular route. My time was 11:33 minute miles and I had only run about 25k tops – big difference from last weekend. So last night I was grumpy and pouting. Marc said “okay, I’m going to say this as a coach now, so listen…EVERYONE had a bad run on Sunday. You ran as fast as I did. It was bad weather and you just had a bad run. That happens. Build a bridge and get over it.”

Okay, yeah, he’s right. Obsessing about one lousy run over a course of two months is stupid. I made dinner and we watched the next taped stage of the TDF. Half way through – and I’m not sure but I think it was Phil Liggett who said “sometimes you have a good day and sometimes you have a bad day” with reference to racing the different stages.

I’m tellin’ ya – there’s truth to the old saying “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

So today I am doing speedwork – Friday I am doing my last long run of the year before marathon day – so between today and Friday, I’m building my bridge.


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