Posted by: pursuingsub17 | July 12, 2009

Lance Armstrong: A new hero to motivate me

Marc and I have been watching Tour de France – as we have for the last four years (him longer – he got me into it). This is the first year that I have not only taken interest but now understand some of it. I’m also getting some great pointers for the bike aspect of triathlon. We’ve taped each stage – and as we watch, Marc will stop, rewind, say “watch this guy – see what he’s doing?” Yes, I’ll say and he’ll say “don’t do that” or “you should remember to do that.” So I’m learning a lot.

I’m also learning what an incredible athlete and human being that Lance Armstrong is. Well, maybe he isn’t human, I don’t know. Scary how he doesn’t break a sweat when everyone is bobbing their head, bodies swaying right and left as they climb. But I digress. I haven’t read a lot about him, watched interviews or read his book. I knew who he was and that he had sucessfully battled cancer but I’d never actually heard the man speak. After stage 8, I’ve decided this guy is an incredible hero and someone to aspire to. He’s elequent on TV – extremely well spoken and says what he needs to say without letting on too much. He has humble class. He’s an incredible athlete and an immense inspiration to his teammates (other than Contador maybe) and anyone watching him. Last night I said “Jesus, that guy could be a general. He’s a great leader.” Marc took it further and  said “forget that – he’s going to be president some day.” Even one of the sports commentators said Armstrong should be in politics.

But it’s more than that. He’s just an incredible person – great personality and a great inspiration. He’s my new hero…and I decided this looong after he said “my greatest fear is falling off.” Wow. Even someone like Armstrong doesn’t like falling off his bike. 🙂

So when the chips are down and I’m feeling sorry for myself or jealous of other fellow athletes or just plain lacking confidence and wondering if I can do it – even if injured, I am going to remember the immortal Lance Armstrong. If he can overcome the massive obstacles that he did, I certainly can.

That being said, I ran 28k in 3 hours and 3 minutes today. I’m bagged – but I’m not whining.


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