Posted by: pursuingsub17 | July 10, 2009

Running for a cause

I did 10k today – was supposed to do 15 or so but I’m still taking it on the cautious side with my sore back and hip. But it felt good. I kept a pretty even pace and I still took my walk breaks. It was hot though.

Almost on my turn back, I was thinking about what motivates people to run or even do Ironman. Some do it just for the challenge or to say they did – but many have a reason that keeps them out there when they start doubting if they can make it. I met a lot of people on Marc’s first Ironman race who told me their stories or the stories of their friends and family who were in the race. Some do it to celebrate their win over cancer or for a friend who is in the hospital. Some, like me, want to raise money and awareness for animal rights. In the end, there has to be a reason. Not only does it keep you motivated but it makes one realize he or she can utilize their skill to help others.

I recently came across a 1/2 marathon race in NYC. It is part of a fundraiser campaign for the Fresh Air Fund. This non-profit group has been helping kids since 1877. They have great programs that are all geared to get kids whose families couldn’t normally afford to send their little ones to camps that help them gain confidence or discover a world outside of hot, stinky, summer city streets. From summer camps and career awareness programs to stays with volunteer host families in rural areas, this is a great reason to get out for a 12 mile run or so. This race is win win for everyone. Get motivated to get into shape and train for a race and underprivileged kids benefit from the fund raising that’s done.

If you live in the area and you want to get involved, the race is August 16th – still time to train. Check out the half marathon event at the Fresh Air Fund website.

It really started to make me think about my motivation. Yes, I’m helping myself improve. I’m getting healthier and kicking bad habits. But now that I’m getting faster, I’m going to use my ability to return the karma and help someone who might not have the opportunity to improve their situation. Knowing that might light that fire under my butt when my willpower to go for a training run is low.


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