Posted by: pursuingsub17 | July 7, 2009

Personal Best for the 15K road race on Canada Day

Okay – I haven’t written in here for a week. I’ve been busy – landed a decent paying blog writing job and had a heavy training weekend. I’ve been waiting for the official results of the 15k race but hadn’t had the time to check until now.


My goal was 1:30 but I told myself that 1:40 isn’t so bad either. I did better – 1:29:05. The race was not an easy one. There were a lot of steep hills – particularly a tough one right before the finish. Everyone around me just ran – very few took walk breaks like me. I was patient and kept a regular pace. My hip and back were still tight but I didn’t feel it until that night. I surprised myself when I realized my time for the first 5k was 28 mins. Could I keep this up? At 10K, the digital sign read 1:00:02 – a record 10k for me. Then I blew past a bunch of people going downhill with 5k left, burned uphill to the finish and as the hill leveled out, I saw the clock read 1:28:45 and sprinted hard to the finish – hearing the crowd roar as I bolted. Really. Not making that up. I think it’s because it was a steep hill and I ran it and still had the energy to push it to the finish.

I did everything right for this race. Wouldn’t change a thing. I had pasta and meatballs at Boston Pizza with two glasses (not pints) of beer. Drank two glasses of water and a tea when I got home and I had 7.5 hours of solid sleep. I had prepared ahead by running the route in advance (only slower) and had my gear already to go 48 hours in advance. I had a light breakfast of Special K and Tropicana OJ, drank NUUN water as I drove to the race, and had a gel 15mins before the gun went off. For the first time, I didn’t wear my iPod for a running race and I think it helped me. I listened to my breathing and was aware of others around me. I also ran my own race, chose my pace and stuck to it – not letting people passing me at the beginning get to me. Oh, and I ran a light 15mins the night before and stretched. And for the first time, I showed up for a race by myself and just stayed focused on my own thoughts.

Knowing all that helps – I know what to do for other races – particularly the marathon coming up. If I had to choose one thing to do differently, it would probably be to stretch more and get more core work in – not to make me faster but it would have prevented a tight IT band that pulled on my hip and into my back. But that didn’t stop me for this race!

On Saturday, we took a triathlon training day out at the lake with a bunch of other Ironman triathletes and hopefuls. I swam in the lake (with the wetsuit) for 28 mins, biked for two hours and ran for 48 minutes. It felt great. The weather was perfect (although Marc got a sunburn). But it was great to see Marc getting back into it again.

I took some time off this week to let my hip recover – trying not to let that fear that I’m going to lose my edge get to me. I need the rest – even race horses get a break. Yup. I got a PB. I deserve it! Back to the training tomorrow.


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