Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 29, 2009

Yet another pre-race injury to deal with

Oh dear. I ran the 5K fun run yesterday to raise money for the local humane society. It was a lot of fun. Dogs everywhere – every size, breed, and age. My friend and I stepped back at one point, listening to the late 70s music blasting from the main stage and watching the dogs milling about, wagging tails, barking, whining, some with fancy collars and sweaters and others with the fresh from the farm look. It was comical.

We finished in 34:20. We weren’t trying hard though. It wasn’t chip timed and the race wasn’t about beating an opponent. It was about the animals. We went out for a pint and munchies afterward and just before getting the bill, I started feeling a tightness in my lower back on the right side. By the time I got home, I couldn’t bend over to pick out the veggies from the crisper without groaning in pain. What had I done? I ran 28k painless. I woke up the next day pain free. So why did a 5k do me in? Maybe I didn’t stretch enough. We did stretch but we rushed it because a car was waiting to take my spot. I was also thinking about my posture. I started slouching on the long run and I wasn’t really focusing yesterday. I tend to arch my back – poor posture from my childhood.

Marc thinks it’s the dreaded IT band again – this time manifesting in my rump and back. My hip is sore. I’ve been using the massage ball at work today. LOL! Thank God no one is in the office today! I am concerned though. My 15k road race – one that will help me gauge where I’m at with racing – is in two days. And here I sit with this burning sensation in my lower back into my right hip. That happened two days before my marathon last year – and I wound up in pain at the 15k mark. I’ve been doing so well – no pains in my knees from the IT band. Why did this have to happen.

Am I going to run this race regardless? Yes. I’ve run the route and I know I can handle it. It’s supposed to be 6 degrees and rainy. What is it with the weather and injuries right before an important race? Am I being tested again? Tough. I’m going to stick it out – even if I have to crawl across the finish line in a skidoo suit.

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