Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 27, 2009

Wear sunscreen – even if you think you don’t need it

I had a great run today. I chose to follow my 10miler Canada Day race and added portions of the August 7th marathon route. Preparing the night before, I had everything packed and chose a sleeveless running top. I even packed a hat.

This morning I woke up and it wasn’t pleasant out. Winds 28K from the NW and at 8am, it was only 12 degrees C outside. I still went with the sleeveless top and my Sugoi 42.2k running shorts because I can’t stand overheating and prefer the cool weather. Fueled, gels packed and sucking on water with NUUN in it, I hopped in the car to head to the dog walking park as my start point. As I got ready, remembering to use BodyGlide, I looked at the Kinesey’s spf 30 lotion and thought, “nah – it’s not that hot out and a little overcast. I’ll be fine.”

As I said, it was a great run. I did 28k in three hours and 21 minutes. I felt good. I had enough gels (but I’ll pack one more next time), kept hydrated by thinking ahead about where I could get more water, and met up with a lot of runners and bike riders. The route was great. The downtown river valley has a great variety of routes so there were plenty of us runners out there zig-zagging and meeting up with each other at different points, smiling and saying “good morning” as most polite runners do.

The sky started to clear but the wind kept up so it kept me nice and cool. I had a great pace and my legs didn’t hurt at all. I started to feel a bit tired toward the end but if I had more gels and more time, I definitely could have kept going. By far, this is the best long distance training run in two years. I must be doing something right.

I headed home, called Marc to let him know I did well and I was okay. He had been sending me text messages the whole way, encouraging me, telling me I was doing a great job when I sent him my updated distance and time and to “keep it up!” I finally feel like I have a bit of a coach in him and it was like he was running alongside me. That made my day too.


I got home and had a shower (after stretching of course!) and noticed my shoulders were a bit red. I just looked at them now. I have sunburn on my arms with white patches where they were bent at the inner portion of the elbow. I also have a white “patch” where my Nike iPod arm band was wrapped around my arm. My face is presently on fire. Thank God we have air conditioning.

What’s the lesson here kids? As the song says, always wear sunscreen. Just because it isn’t hot out and maybe a bit overcast doesn’t mean you won’t burn. Hoo boy. Definitely making Kinesey’s my best friend from here on in – training days or race days. Just wear it.


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