Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 25, 2009

Getting serious about training helps battle demons

It’s been a good week – for both of us. Marc signed up for 2010 Ceour d’Alene. There were spots left – what are the odds? He saved himself $300 or more because he thought he might get a community spot since he wasn’t there to sign up for next year. But there were spots left. Things happen for a reason! He’s very stoked and CDA is better timing for him for training.

Yesterday we went for a run together – first time in two years. I know he’s faster than me but it was nice seeing him out with me. He gave me a few pointers and he said I was doing good – it was super hot out after work so I was doing well considering the heat. I’m much better in the cold. I still managed 4 miles in 39 minutes. Today I had to run 13K (roughly 8 miles) at my goal pace. I finished just a minute over 80 minutes and I had to stop a few times for traffic. Not bad! I should be in good shape to finish the Canada Day race in an hour and forty minutes – less might even be possible. Only crappy thing is I found out they aren’t giving finishers medals this year – an effort to go green. Personally, I think they just want to save some green.

Worst part about my training this week is that my allergies are really bad this year. There’s this cotton-ish stuff floating around all over the city – more so than the last few years – and I’m sneezing and wheezing like crazy. I have a perscription for Nasonex and Ventilin but I haven’t needed either for a long time. This year I might. I’ll pick some up tomorrow.

Best part about my training this week? Both nights I have had no desire to have my daily vodka ceasar. The thought of a spicy drink with a lot of alcohol after a hard run turns my stomache. I did have a beer – just one – and yesterday I actually pulled a second out, looked at it and then the time and put it back in the fridge. Today – the same.

So next time I’m too lazy to work out after work, I’ll remember how great I felt this week. My 10 mile road race is next Wednesday and I am positive I’ll do well. In the meantime, I have a swim tomorrow and a long slow run (27k) scheduled for Saturday. Sunday I run with a friend of  mine at the annual Pets in the Park fundraiser for the local humane society. I don’t plan on setting any records. I’ll be bagged from the long run! But it’s for a good cause – and I’ll still post my results.

It’s been a great week. Marc’s spirit is lifted – he’s out with an old teammate tonight. And if I stay focused and serious, I’ve made a big step towards my sub17 goal.


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