Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 23, 2009

Triple positives for Monday

I deleted my last post. It was way too snarky and of course I wrote it after sharing a bottle of wine with dinner last night so I’m sure it was written under a slight influence. It was not me. So this is a re-write. It’s the same stuff – just less catty.

My legs were sore yesterday after Sunday’s 4 hour run. I was a little dissappointed that it took me 4 hours to run 29k but then again, that’s the first long distance I’ve run – over 22k – since the marathon last year. But no troubles with the IT band and I was able to go down steps with minimal whincing.

Success number two was the best – getting a $1.70 an hour raise. In these times? Hello. That made my day. Now I can start a “triathlon race fees” savings account! LOL! But seriously – I know I whine sometimes about my boss but she’s pretty cool. I have my own office, I work 4 days a week, and now I make a pretty decent wage.

Success number three was something that put me at ease a bit. On my way home, I called Marc to tell him I found out that there is an Ironguides coach who teaches The Method right here in our city. I was diplomatic and told him I understood that he has a business he wants to build, he coaches someone else, and he needs to get his own training in for next year. So it would be best if I eased the load and just went somewhere else. I made this decision after finding out that the woman he coaches has now asked him to put together a sprint program for her for a race in a few weeks (a few weeks???). What he didn’t tell me was that he had quite bluntly told her that he can’t do that. He’s too busy and when things start slowing down in the winter, he’ll have time to work on programs for the entire team, not just her.

I said “so she’s in the same boat as me.”

“Yes. She is. I told her to do a few swims and practice on the bike but there’s nothing I can do for her right now. She has to wait like everyone else.”

That topped my day. Again, I don’t want to sound catty, but knowing that he told her he doesn’t have time for her either put us at the same level. And really, he is busy. Although, now I’m wondering if she was thinking the same thing as me. Here she is paying him to coach her and she’s probably thinking that I’m getting more advice than her. Oh dear, what foolish beings humans are.

So it was a great day. Good things really do happen in threes.


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